Kalamazoo’s Newest and Oldest Venture – The KCAC

If you visit this site, you know Kalamazoo is a place for music. It’s not a place the big touring acts come to, it’s not a place with large venues and expensive tickets. But it is a place that fosters excellent and variable local acts, and brings small and up-and-coming touring acts from all over the world (yes, world).

And if you know this, you may also know the options as far as venues go – bars and basements. Though Kalamazoo has put together something wonderful using these spaces, the both come with their drawbacks and risks.

Something Kalamazoo has not had in many years, but does need and would use is a collective space. An all ages space run by the participants and not by business. A non profit space where people work to put on events, bring art to this small city, and make in accessible to everyone. In a town dictated by the college atmosphere, the bars are inaccessible to the younger residents of this city. And the basements are only accessible by word of mouth, and are risky endeavors that could easily disappear.

THE KALAMAZOO COLLECTIVE ARTS CENTER (or THE KCAC) is in line to add itself to the already excelling arts and music community. since 2008 many folks have come and gone on establishing this project. A new board has taken over to refresh, and they are showing tons of progress on making this idea a distinct reality.

Currently, The KCAC is in the fundraising stages of the project. you can check out their fundraising campaign here:


Please consider donating even just 5 dollars to this! If we do not do it together, it wont happen – Kalamazoo is a tried and true testament of this.

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4/23 – The New Diet // Kal Marks // Boring People // Blank

Come on down to the Milhouse on Wednesday April 23rd ’round 9:00 PM with a few dollars for a responsibly rip-roarin’ time.

The New Diet from Chicago is simultaneously chill and loud with excellently written songs that make you feel all the feelings you need to feel.


Kal Marks from Boston shares a record label with some other quality bands we’ve had pass through our humble town, including Speedy Ortiz and Krill.


Kalamazoo locals Boring People and Blank will be playing as well.

Good times will be had. Bring those $$$ billz for those touring acts and remember:

Respect the house, respect each other!


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MINUTES + More! – KCAC Benefit Show – 411 Club – 4.19.14

Though Kalamazoo is packed full of good bands of all sorts and sounds, there are a few key names that ring ubiquitous with the town – MINUTES, the four piece post-punk / rock and roll outfit, is definitely one of those names. Though over the last couple of years their live performances have been sporadic, the buzz around the band remains. Not only that, but they were able to throw together an incredible album at the end of last year.

Because of the occasional nature of their shows, consider this show an LP release for their 2nd full length ROLAND.


MINUTES are bringing a few out of town friends to share with all of you. THE RUTABEGA out of South Bend and STOMATOPOD of Chicago will be performing and seeing what all the big fuss is about Kalamazoo. Plus local libraries of indie rock BORING PEOPLE will kick the night off.

And if this show didn’t seem enough like an event in and off itself, it is sponsored by THE CORNER RECORD SHOP as per RECORD STORE DAY.

But even more, still! Some of the buddies from MINUTES and other folks in the music and arts community of Kalamazoo are working diligently on creating an all ages, affordable and accessible all ages art space in Kalamazoo (known as the KCAC or Kalamazoo Collective Arts Center). They are currently in the fundraising stages and THIS SHOW IS ONE OF THOSE FUNDRAISERS. So please pay 5 at the door, or pay more! Or if you live in the modern age of digital money, you can donate at a somewhat later date directly on the indiegogo site.

If you want more information about the KCAC, please go to thekcac.org.

Doors at 8, show at 9. Donate if you know what’s good.


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Har-di-Har / Glimpse Trio / Filmloom / Saxsquatch & The Bridge Band

This Friday (April 18th 2014) at Louie’s, four bands will grace the stage.

Har-di-Har describe themselves as…

…an Iowa-based multi-instrumental glass-pop, synth-folk, husband/wife duo performing with the instrumentation of a four-piece band.

Their recent EP “Hard Parent/Thick Child”  is sometimes dark, sometimes ethereal, often driving.

There’s an official video for “Once Branches” from that EP, or if you prefer to see what the live experience will be like, here’s a clip of them playing “We’ve Been Missing” at the Octopus and College Hill Music Festival.

Also on the bill is the California-based Glimpse Trio, who add a dash of experimental sound and structure on top of the slow rock framework. Their self-titled album can be downloaded for free from their bandcamp site.

A little bit closer to home is Grand Rapids’ Filmloom - two multi-instrumentalist composers who painstakingly layered toy piano, horns, woodwinds, and a wide variety of percussion instruments on their chill-yet-exciting mini-rock epics. A great place to start is their song Isolation, which you can stream from their bandcamp right now.

And from right here in Kalamazoo, is the immutable Saxsquatch and the Bridge Band, with a core membership of three brothers who could be each accurately addressed as “J. Selner”, and a revolving cast of horns, woodwinds, guitars, and sometimes more. They bring a high energy live show with jazz, blues, and various grooves, all at the direction of the bombastic Saxsquatch, with periodic detours into the experimental and improvised.

The show starts at 9pm, with a suggested cover of $5. Go ahead and let ‘em know you’re coming by joining the facebook event.

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cutting to the chase

CHILD BITE are the gnarliest, noisiest punk band out of Detroit. They last played Kalamazoo Halloween 2012 and are looking forward to gracing us with their presence once more.

THE GRAY BEAST is the full band project of wordy and wild genius Sycamore Smith out of Marquette, MI.

FROSTBITER is Matt the masked bat Maverick in whatever form he feels like. The set is promised to be nothing like FROSTBITER. If you’ve never seen FROSTBITER, then I have no idea what to tell you.

ANYBODY BUT THE COPS have either written a few songs with many changes, or are playing at least 28 different tracks for you, all about 5 seconds long. Supposedly this is a punk band.


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This is The Punk Music You’re Looking For: – at Bespin, AKA Cloud City

The punks are taking to the stars tonight, coming in to port at Kalamazoo’s newest house venue. Bespin, AKA Cloud City is having their first ever show tihs very eve, and it’s gonna get heavy. Energy, Volume, Slashing Guitars. What more do you want in a Wednesday night?

First on the docket, Plan-It-X-affiliates RUBRICS will be up from South Carolina, and playing loud, fast, and super catchy, borderline-pop-influenced music. Barbed hooks with a thick slathering of anarchist lyricism. This is pop-sensibility gone bad.

Down from Grand Rapids, DIANE REHM will be bringing passionate spoken (shouted?) lyrics over drums and guitars that are powerful, deliberate, and ultimately furious.

Courtesy dianerehm.bandcamp.com

Courtesy dianerehm.bandcamp.com

Playing support tonight, Local rock outfit BLANK will bring the sauce and be the boss. Hard hitting music, super-nice dudes.

Finally, former members of Pan will be playing in their new outfit MOLD. Technical prowess meets heavy riffs meets that classic rock record that you play late at night when nobody else is around.

Music starts at 8pm. Bring some skrilla for the touring acts, as gas ain’t cheap and freedom ain’t free. Respect the house, respect the bands, respect yrselves.


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Tyler Daniel Bean Returns to Kalamazoo

On Sunday night Casa Mona, one of our newest Vine Neighborhood house venues, will be hosting a nice, concise, three-band bill for those who are fans of the indie/emo/punk realm and want to top of their weekend with a tightly run basement show.

Tyler Daniel Bean hails from Burlington, Vermont, which is about the most quaint New England settlement you could go to, and he seems to embody quite perfectly the spirit of that city. If you like your tunes emotionally charged, deliberately personal yet highly relatable, and sung to you in a deep, frank voice, then this is something for you. Tyler makes gorgeous tunes all by his lonesome but he rocks a full band most of the time and they like to get loud – thus it’s going to fit extremely well with the other bands on the bill:

Bike Tuff, a long-time Kalamazoo favorite whom we might not see around as often anymore due to band members being spread across the state. If you like going to basement punk shows but have more of a 90′s emo leaning, there’s a good chance you already love this band. They can do a Jimmy Eat World cover set at the drop of a hat.

Guppy is a brand spanking new Kalamazoo band featuring members of Ackley Kid, the Reptilian, and George Costanza. Expect nothing but great things.

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