3/28- INDIGO WILD / THE CLASS ACTS / EDITH @ Rey Mysterio’s

Tonight, Rey Mysterio’s is hosting an event that will seriously take you on a journey. 

Indigo Wild 


Warning: This music has a great deal of texture that could possibly cause an eargasm.

Indigo Wild is amazing group from Columbus, OH that is often defined as dream groove/ no-coast indie. That’s probably the best way to summarize them, but let me put emphasis on the beauty behind the instrumentation this group has created with their music. Don’t believe me? Just check out the recent release, “High Point” by going to:


Indigo Wild has been gaining a lot of hype throughout the midwestern music scenes. Along with their groovy tunes, they have an electric feel to their stage presence. Super fun to watch and hear, don’t miss out!

The Class 


The Class Acts are a classy indie band from Kalamazoo. They’re music is big sounding with lots of vocals and instrumentation. The music itself seems to span the entire spectrum of what could define feel-good tunes. You can close your eyes and feel yourself sitting on some grass at a festival during songs like, “Jackie”. Other songs like, “Busy Work” offer that same feeling of goodness in your soul, but has a completely different feel. Just check it out for yourself!


Pretty much all I’m saying is: If you super duper hate feeling happy, this show probably isn’t for you. Sorry. 



Edith, formally known as WWEMO, is a super mysterious group that just got going a few months ago. I’ve seen them once as WWEMO and it was pretty sick. Anyone who appreciates the local basement scene would dig this group. 

So yeah. This show is going to be awesome. It’s going to start at 9 p.m. at Rey Mysterio’s. Get there early so you don’t miss any parts of this musical roller coaster.

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Top Dirty, Kneebody, Saxquatch & Bridge Band @ Shakespeare’s $5 21+

Hold onto your butts, Kalamazoo, we’ve got a live one.

KNEEBODY is coming through, bringing their experimentally infused Jazz-based mastery to Shakespeare’s venerable Lower Level.

“Kneebody draws upon influences spanning D’Angelo’s Voodoo to music by Elliot Smith, Bill Frisell, and Miles Davis. Their live shows are known for intense sonic landscapes of the Radiohead ilk, for the rhythmic bombast of a Squarepusher or Queens of the Stone Age show, and the harmonic depth and improvisational freedom experienced at a Brad Mehldau concert.”

 SAXSQUATCH & BRIDGE BAND are back to prove that not only are the rumors of Mr. Squatch’s demise greatly exaggerated, but also that it is physically possible for the irreverent mythical sax-o-phone wielding vagabond to be accompanied by a myriad of extremely musically talented bridges.

If you want to move and groove Saxsquatch and the Bridge Band will bring you solid jazz/blues inspired songs from days yore to shake your hedonistic butts to. Just make sure you hold on to those bad boys.

TOP DIRTY will also be playing and I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing them but if they fit their billing you won’t be disappointed.

Rock music that was broken and fixed except the pieces don’t quite fit together but it works just as good and looks cool so whatev.

WOW this looks to be a barn-burner, y’all. So go out and have a good time. Don’t skimp on the drinks, tip your waiter, try not to make too many unsolicited advances towards them, and as always.

Do it together, Kalamazoo.

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Punk Throughout The Ages – KNIFE THE SYMPHONY, THE SHANKS, BROWN COMPANY, FACE-EATER – Milhouse – 3.21

If you like punk rock – cool, if you like post hardcore – great, if you like old school thrash – 15.03.21excellent, if you like experimental punk – perfect. It’s all represented at this particular Milhouse show, plus more!

KNIFE THE SYMPHONY come from Cincinnati, and make me re-think what I thought I knew about Ohio. This band was on the bill for one of the first shows I saw in Kalamazoo, back in 2007, and one of the only Kraftbrau (rip) shows I attended. They killed it then, they’ll kill it now. It’s heavy, noisy, and no bullshit.

THE SHANKS are KTS’s tour buddies coming from Toronto bringing their own stylish blend of fuzzed out rock ‘n’ roll with some stoner metal and punk goodness. Their sound is probably too dialed-in for a basement show, so it’s in all likelihood going to completely blow you away.

BROWN COMPANY are local legendary punk experimenters. Never before have you felt like a 15 minute long song completely embodied what you felt like was missing from your intake of punk. It’s noisy, it’s vocal-less, there’s a theramin, and they’re about to be your favorite local if they haven’t won your heart already.

Finally, FACE-EATER are the thrash metal newcomers, playing their 2nd show out and their first house show. Their new demo rips way harder than a demo has any right to. Give them a warm welcome, they’re kicking this whole damn thing off and would love to see your faces lost in a sincere headbang.


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Punk Rock Saturday 9:00 p.m. @The Forbidden Zone

We’re bringing the energy yet again to The Forbidden Zone. So if you’re in the mood to let out some steam (within reasonable boundaries), or watch said steam be let out, you should swing by our red brick house! With entertainment provided by…

Obscene Color – AKA The White Stripes with their own young, angsty personal touch

Third Coast – Upcoming local punk band that’ll keep you moving and talking well after their set ends

The Holy Alimonies (Chicago) – Garage country pop which will sooth all tension while maintaining the sway

+ Unknown TBA

BYOB, and Donate Donate Donate!!!

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Cheap Girls / Bike Tuff / Jake Simmons and the Little Ghosts March 20 2015

On Friday, March 20th 2015, Louie’s Trophy House Grill is hosting the third and final WIDR Week 2015 showcase.

Headlining the night is Cheap Girls, a power-pop trio from Lansing, MI. These dudes are taking a break from touring with huge national acts like Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Hold Steady, and Against Me! to close out the live music portion of WIDR Week 2015.

Cheap Girls’ rhythm section are literally brothers, which imparts a pre-lingual connection to their performance, while Adam’s guitar lines alternately evoke Peter Buck or Jeff Tweedy.

Check out how big three dudes can sound in their official video for “Ruby”:

And for an idea of what Cheap Girls will sound like at Louie’s this Friday, watch them perform “Slow Nod” live at Hurley Studios last fall.

Bike Tuff is the hardest rocking Kalamazoo band you’ve never seen. Watch them get the crowd riled up at Fat Guy House:

And then take a listen to Bike Tuff sing an ode to the now-departed Oak St. Market, which sounds like it could have been performed by Jimmy Eat World:

Finally, it’s been said many times before that Jake Simmons can go fuck himself, but he’s going to prove the haters wrong yet again as he employs his psychic powers to surround himself with Little Ghosts, who will teach us all a little something about Them, Them, and Us:

Best not risk it – if you’re 18 or older, come out to Louie’s this Friday at 8pm, for all things Cheap, Tuff, Little, and WIDR. Tickets are $8 in advance, $12 day-of-show.

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More cool shows in Kzoo, oh boy! This one’s an early show (6 PM) at Satellite, featuring a sick alternative emo band from Lansing, WAYNE SZALINSKI. They released a spectacular record called Black Mirror back in October, and it positively rules. Vocals will almost remind you of Jeff Buckley in some places, and the songwriting will make you wonder if you’re listening to an emo band or a cleverly-disguised alternative band. But at the end of the day, all genres aside, there is no denying that this group has something special about them, and you won’t want to miss it.

I can vividly remember my first times listening to Wayne Szalinski, driving around downtown Kalamazoo with my best friends last summer, listening to Fondly Truly (the release that precedes Black Mirror) and buying cheap fast food because we couldn’t afford anything else. What if you remember your first time listening to them as standing at Satellite Records, and being immersed by the uniqueness and sheer emotion that was being unveiled right before your very eyes? If you’ve never listened to this group, tonight is your chance.

Playing with Wayne Szalinski are two spectacular local acts.

CARDBOARD HIGHWAY – a trio that blends post-rock, indie rock and emo into a very cohesive and emotional set. A must-see local act.

WWEMO – one of Kalamazoo’s newest and most mysterious local acts. No Bandcamp previews for this one, but where’s the fun in that anyway? Go see a group you won’t hear anywhere else, you won’t regret it.

6 PM show / Free ($5 suggested donation) / Satellite Records

And, as always: be excellent to each other.

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Anyone? No? Okay then.

11034375_1554869624795224_6347882132111770860_oIn case you hadn’t heard, there’s a show going on! This time, supported by the art of HURLING.

Hurling is an Irish sport where there are balls, and sticks, and sports. If you haven’t heard of hurling, you can learn more about this amazing and ancient Irish sport by stopping by the show. We’ll have equipment and video of the game. If you can’t make it, check out kalamazoogaa.com for info.

Acts include well-known locals Saxsquatch & the Bridge Band, Axel & Marcus Quinlan, Tyler K. Berkey, and Benjamin Wearwolf. (Yep – all of the acts are local. That’s what this entire paragraph is about.)

Saxsquatch ampersand the Bridge Band have been hootin’ and hollerin’ around the jazzier parts of Kalamazoo for a minute, and chances are if you haven’t seen them play, you’ve at least seen them walking around town. They’re big players of jazz and blues, and doing it well, so you won’t be missing out. Pinkie promise.

Axel and Marcus Quinlan are local folks that play the folk music. The bros are a guitar/bass duet with vocals. Just with vocals. No adjectives needed. Both are also members of the  GAA, so would be appropriate individuals to talk to about Irish sportsball.

Tyler K. Berkey is solo-ing his rock career tonight with appropriate levels of guitar and voice amped up to 10.5. (Louie’s Back Room can’t handle this 11!)

Benjamin Wearwolf has been seen performing in a variety of styles, from noise to rock to folk (all of which your grandpappy probably considers “racket.”) Tonight Mr. Wolf will be performing his rockier side of things with some sweet shredded guitar garnished with a rough but honest vocal accompaniment.

So come on down to LOUIE’S BACK ROOM.
Suggested $5 donation to help pay for local sports.

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