Louie’s Trophy House

629 Walbridge, Kalamazoo


No-nonsense skatepunk from this Kalamazoo trio, fronted by Useless Eater, the host of WIDR’s

Down in Flames (for all your punk radio needs.) Thick chunky guitars! Songs under two minutes!

Songs about crappy ’90s wrestlers! What else do you need?


Shimmering dreampop from a female-led trio that comes to Louie’s all the way from Cincinnati!


Garagey goodness from Grand Rapids.


This is a side project of Wallace Lucas, guitarist for Kalamazoo’s Boring People. Songs of loss

and loneliness, joined to a voice whose resigned anguish is an emotion we’ve all felt. Music that is both

Donation at the door! Bring your friends!

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Weekend at The Forbidden Zone

Holy guacamole this weekend is going to incredible at The Forbidden Zone! Starting tonight, music of all different types will be showcased in what will soon be another legendary basement. The line up for the next two days is comprised of super energetic punk and surf music on Friday, and drudgy, multi-genre, weird-but-in-a-good-way music on Saturday.

12/5 – Ping Pong, Anybody But The Cops, Big Strong Boys, The Uncanny@ The Forbidden Zone

Warning: Punk Rock is not dead. The bands you will be hearing may make your head explode and your brain leak from your nostrils. You may experience breif amnesia because you can’t process how good this is going to be. Nothing after this night may really compare/ hold up. Now that you’re warned…

Ping Pong

Ping Pong ia coming out from Ann Arbor to show us what’s what about psychI garage rock unlike anything you’ve ever heard!
Songs like, “Boogie Basement,” and “There She Is,” showcase how chill things start, but gradually become more noisy. The Adventures of Pete and Pete would have had this band on their soundtrack if they had existed back then. Don’t miss out!

Anybody But The Cops

Usually when a bands genre is defined as “psycho (blank),” it’s usually tame in comparison to the pure psychosis Anybody But The Cops evokes. The band name is absolutely perfect for the way they play, as it is like you’re running as fast as you can, hopping fences, and being a badass. That’s right, the songs make you feel like a badass! The music is technical, fun, an unlike anything else in the scene right now. Don’t miss out.

Big Strong Boys
Now, I heard the word from a bird that Big Strong Boys are a local band that showcases hard beats a livetronics. Though I’ve never personally seen them, and I can’t seem to find anything online, I’m going to put it out there that they’re amazing and do something that’s been done before in a new way so it sounds outstanding. Kalamazoo bands never let me down before, and for this particular show, no one should be expecting less than greatness.

The Uncanny
The Uncanny

Time to get weird. The Uncanny is a mystical, phsyco-surf band. Comprised of all local artists, The Uncanny brings a new feel to an old genre. Some of their work is completely instrumental and easy to get lost in. It’s so good because it would be just a great in an old batman episode as it is now. Other work is chaotic with thrashy lyrics and slight uneasiness. It gives surf a new name as issued by a band from the state with the most coast line in the continental U.S.

This event will start at 9 pm. It’s gonna be rad, so don’t feel bad about throwing down $2 to support the touring act. Below is a FB link to the event page where the address becomes easy to find. Have fun!

But wait… There’s more…

12/6 – Mudwest, Liberte, Obscene Color @ The Forbidden Zone

It’s about time we took it down a notch. BUT WE CAN’T HELP OURSELVES. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!


On their Facebook page, the band Mudwest says this about themselves:

” About: God Awful. Loud and Sad. Lansing,

OH MY GOD, THEY ARE SO FREAKING AWESOME! Their music is so droney, but so hype. I can’t explain why it’s impactful, it’s just easy to get lost in. Seeing them live will surely be loud and sad. God awful, though? More like God awesome!


This Livonia garage band is full of energy and ready to rock. They started in 2011 and released the song, “Shoes”. The song was rockin’, and left audiences waiting for more. Since then, their work has been much more secretive and lives through live shows. Don’t miss out!

Obscene Color

Obscene Color is a multi-genre band based out of Detroit. Their music is rock with a hint of alternative. It’s pretty and melodic with a certain heaviness that isn’t too overbearing. It’s really good stuff, so don’t miss out!!!!!

This show starts at 9. Please bring a little cash to the event as all the bands are travelers and need gas. It’s going to be super fun, so put on your party boots and see an awesome show.


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Kalamazoo Throwbacks and Favorites – PROBLEMS THAT FIX THEMSELVES, THE NEW DIET, FORGET THE TIMES @ Milhouse 11.29

If you haven’t heard, former Kalamazoo project turned Chicago project PROBLEMS THAT FIX THEMSELVES have released a new album. You can read all about it right here, on a lovely earlier DIT post. You can also go to the listening party at Satellite 10697266_10102636338802822_2225884409184879828_oRecords on the 29th, at 6:00PM, where you could win a free copy of the record!

Problems is a long-standing but ever changing noise project from Josh Tabbia, the Chicago counterpart to the Kalamazoo/Chicago tape and record label ALREADY DEAD, which you may or may not be familiar with from the Already Dead Family Reunion – a yearly musical event that happens in the fall based around the label.

Sean Hartman, the Kalamazoo counterpart to the label, will also be performing at the Milhouse show in his full band noise collective FORGET THE TIMES. A large difference in sound and performance style from Problems, this show is sure to illustrate variance of noise music to you, if you are still yet unfamiliar.

Finally, Kalamazoo favorites out of Chicago THE NEW DIET will be making another appearance. Though you may or may not have seen them before, rumor has it that this show will be somewhat of a departure from the stuff your familiar with. If you’re curious as to what that means, you’ll just have to come and find out. Here’s a snippet of an earlier performance of theirs at Milhouse.

Please please please bring money for donatin’ the outta towners, and be sure to take a look at the merch if you’re into that sot of thing! Be excellent to each other. No time for punk time, so be there at 9:00. Email for the address.


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Monday Double Feature

*The Satellite show has been canceled. Wedding Dress had to reschedule due to health issues. Everyone is okay, they just can’t play tonight. Go to Casa Mona and be excellent to each other*

Monday night will provide show-goers plenty of entertainment as Satellite Records will be hosting an early show featuring Chicago’s Wedding Dress and then immediately following that Casa Mona will open their doors for touring bands Edhochuli and Gnarwhal.

Wedding Dress is a group that formed a couple years ago featuring members of Chicago indie giants Maps & Atlases, Joan of Arc, and Gypsyblood. Fans of any of those acts will surely be surprised as the band breaks away from the sound structures they have come from but certainly maintain the talent each has consistently displayed.

Joining them for the record store show will be a pair of newer Kalamazoo acts – Right There In Front Of You, the solo project of guitarist/vocalist Andrew Buczek of Dad Jeans, and shoegazing indie-rockers Cardboard Highway, which features members of the Glowfriends.

This show will start at 6PM and there is a $5 suggested donation!

Facebook event

If you’re still in the mood for more that night or are just looking for something decidedly more raw, Casa Mona has what you’re looking for. Amping up the intensity will be a band that should be well known to Kalamazoo’s basement crowd, Edhochuli.

They’ll be on tour with one of the few bands to match their own gnarliness and shredability, Tennessee’s Gnarwhal. This two-piece mathcore group is as frenzied and chaotic as they are technical and have a new four-way split record out with the bands Woozy, Ex-Breathers, and Ovlov.

Local hardcore/spazz-grind favorites Seventeen Again will be kicking this show off promptly after the record store gig ends. This show will mark the departure of their founding member, bassist Josh Miller, and throughout their set will be featuring both him and his replacement, Brok Leshman.

Bring some money to donate to the touring bands!

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The Reptilian/Caddywhompus/Mold- Bespin 11/15

Saturday, November 15th
9:00 PM at Bespin AKA Cloud City

Tonight is going to be a crazy night full of rocking music, heavy guitars, and emotional lyrics. Three math core bands will be showing off the technicalities behind pretty music. Please bring a little money for Merch and the touring band. You won’t regret the investment.

The Reptilian

The Reptilian is a local mathcore/Emo band that has become a bit of a staple in the underground community of Kalamazoo. If you haven’t been to a show of theirs yet, you’d best be asking yourself why not? Not only is the music killer, but the crowd is loyal and loving. Seeing The Reptilian is always an experience, so don’t miss out.
The Reptilian Bandcamp


Caddywhompus hails from New Orleans, Louisiana and they bring a new twist to the guitar/drum duo. They offer a large sound despite their small set up. They’re on Community Records and have an album called, “Feathering The Nest”. They’re noisy, melodic, and most importantly, rockin.
Caddywhompus Bandcamp


Mold is a Kalamazoo band said to have been born in the dredges of Snowpocolypse 2014. As we all remember, this period of time presented a new form of brutality. As we traveled through deadly nights reaching record breaking lows of -40 degrees. We should have fucking died, but we didn’t. For the members of Mold, who used the time to fester in anger and get super, mega, really good at playing their instruments, a new breed of music was born. Come witness as history is made and feel the chill that ever aches as more snow comes.
Mold Bandcamp

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Deerhoof at Louie’s November 12 2014 wsg Priests and White Reaper

Deerhoof’s sound has been evolving their sound for two decades, simultaneously to critical acclaim but with only a few blips on the radar of the mainstream. Three of their albums managed to land on the Billboard 200, but their reputation among independent music enthusiasts cannot be overstated.

Pitchfork calls Deerhoof The Best Band In The World. MLive named Louie’s Trophy House Grill one of the top ten neighborhood bars in Michigan. This Wednesday November 12th these two bests will collide for a singular night of psychedelic music from Deerhoof’s newly released album La Isla Bonita.

Whether you put on Milk Man, The Runner’s Four, or any of their other eleven studio albums you’re guaranteed to find something you didn’t expect. Guitar lines that are intricate, melodic, but not afraid to crank up the gain when it’s warranted. Light airy and unaffected vocals floating around the rhythm section’s tight and measured framework.

Listen to Deerhoof’s first eleven albums for free on Grooveshark.

Yet Deerhoof is one of the rare acts that manages to reliably crank out interesting and truly inventive music without devolving into sprawling prog epics. On the contrary, their songs often clock in at three minutes or less, which means they can pack more songs into a set than Guided By Voices, while rivaling the complexity of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band.

For an example of how much four minutes of Deerhoof can include, listen to the title track from Milk Man:

But hey, lots of bands can bring proficient psych when they’ve got infinite retakes and overdubs, what do they sound like live? Watch Deerhoof play “There’s That Grin” just up I-94 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

Want to read more? The Kalamazoo Gazette ran an article about this show and the new album.

Opening for Deerhoof are White Reaper, and Priests.

Doors open at 7pm, music starts at 8pm this Wednesday the 12th. Tickets are available in advance for $13, or $15 at the door (if they’re not sold out).

RSVP on Facebook and let us know you’re coming – see you there!

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Problems That Fix Themselves release their new album today!

which is worse

By Peter Cook for Already Dead Tapes.

Problems That Fix Themselves’ third proper album, Which Is Worse, will wrap the head of any listener in swaddling blankets. The majority of the seven pieces which comprise this latest offering from the Chicago duo (long-time contributor Alex Borozan is now officially the other half of founder Josh Tabbia’s electronic vision) display a marked emphasis on melody and structure, with only the closing track, “Slowburn,” containing the free-form assault on the senses with which Problems have pummeled audiences throughout the Midwest the past few years.

The sound bite sampling and mechanized beats that propelled the magnificent assortment of sounds on their last release, 2010’s Seconds, have all but vanished in favor of melodic passages which move as naturally as the river flows.  Seconds was far from cold and clamorous, abundant in warmth and melody, but much of it was buried under shards of experimentation that appeared to be taking place while the tape was rolling. That is the key difference on Which Is Worse: the experimentation seems to have taken place largely in the composing process, with the textural sounds arranged into the colorful, radiating pieces, giving the album a more refined sound, while still exciting and bold nonetheless.

The titular cut acts as the opening credits, with a Baldwin Discoverer table top organ cycling through a series of sustained chords against a gentle wash of white noise thunderstorm. “Maximum Occupancy” crawls across the speakers through a wormhole into “Black Elvis,” which explodes in a majestic myriad of incandescent phosphorescence, in shades of Tangerine Dream and Harmonia. The production is stunningly crisp, with a cohesion unprecedented in Problems’ catalogue. The sole vocal performance on the album appears on “Sunday Song,” a tender tune which unites contributing member Victoria Blade’s saccharine, distorted vocals with a melodious synth line, bringing side one to a sweet-tempered close.

Side two opener “8:62” features the drill and bass drum patterns often employed by Aphex Twin and Squarepusher back in the day. A diced-up air organ supplies the main melody while cherubic flourishes distantly circle overhead. “Elsie Mary” paints a serene, understated landscape that is not unlike those explored by early pioneering electronic artists in Europe that Brian Eno sought out. The aforementioned “Slowburn” finishes off the album in an abrasive, terrifying menace of sonance that is absent from the six tracks which precede it.

Perhaps the only perceivable shortcoming of Which Is Worse is the brevity of the album, clocking in at around 35 minutes. Maybe Problems ascribe to the old vaudevillian adage, “Always leave them wanting more.” Regardless, with not a wasted note to be found, the album is comforting sonic bliss that benefits from repeated listens and can be done so ad infinitum at such a short running time. Chalk up another one for Problems That Fix Themselves.

Below is a link to their Bandcamp with the album available to stream and purchase.

Which Is Worse

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