7/17 Rodeo Ruby Love, Jake Simmons, and Tim Tapper & The Terribles @ Big Blue House

Check it.

Feeling nostalgic? Longing for those summer drives? Well, Big Blue House is hosting a trio of raucous bands with a hearty love of the Mid-West this Tuesday for your sonic sentimental delight.

Rodeo Ruby Love, claiming origin from the south—Bloomington, IN, is a pop-punk group all about illuminating the simple stories of the Mid-West. Driving cars through wispy corn-fields at dusk, easing into the city after a long-ride on the highway, or burrowing into an apartment that is as cluttered as the streets outside it— RRL plays songs about cities, suburbia, the spaces in the between, and the love-struck individuals who inhabit them. With a power-pop layout, playing a bubbly guitar medley one moment and tap-dancing away on key-board or horn the next, RRL has a lot of fun on their tracks and on stage—I last saw them tour where they boarded the stage with huge grins to the theme music of Legend Of Zelda. If that wasn’t enough, they are veterans of Daytrotter and have toured with Pentimento label-mates Streetlight Manifesto and Lionize. They are bundles of fun with plenty of kick left over to make dancing a must.

Jake Simmons (and his Little Ghosts), compared sometimes to the styling of Elvis Costello, has the sound and feel of a good-ole rock band. Simmons released his reeling and rolling debut album late winter of last year, showcasing bristling drum-beats and twanging, Americana-styled guitar rhythms, a performance similar a to a rev of a ’57 Chevy that just had its oil changed. Smooth but grizzled.

Tim Tapper and the Terribles, the alliterating trio of alt-grunge performers that sounds straight out of your favorite basement, put on a show that wavers in and out of controlled, paced, rhythms by bassist Rory Svekric and drummer Jared Selner, to a mania driven by lead Tapper’s grained guitar playing. Good for when you are feeling sinister, with a touch of twitching smiles. Like mommy’s little helper without the nice side effects.

Show starts at 9 p.m.—bring some cash for the touring troupe.

About Z.A. Clark

Is your local, neighborhood English major with too much time on his hands (directly related to the same major), so he bothers the people around him about music, news, and other nonsense. He is a writer for DITKalamazoo, The Index, Kalamazoo Local Music, and has written for Kzoo Music Scene. He is also a co-founder of the no-cost recording group DIT Sessions, where he also manages video editing and video recording. Grief and Grumble. Goodnight and goodluck.
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