A Big Night in Kalamazoo 9/12

There’s a lot to do in Kalamazoo tonight, and so no excuses not to find yourself somewhere.

First and Foremost, An active Kalamazoo show-goer and all-around great guy, Jerrod Smith, has unfortunately passed away after a battle with illness. There will be a excellent benefit show thrown tonight in his honor and remembrance.


This line-up will consist of The Mushmen (kzoo ska), ¬†AJ Draper¬†(kzoo music), ¬†Decades (kzoo music), Ghost Bunnies (kzoo rock), The Wrap (kzoo insanity), and featuring Jerrod Smith & the Windmill Full of Corpses (kzoo rock), who will be showcasing as many of Jerrod’s favorite tunes as possible.

8pm is go-time. All money collected will go to help Jerrod’s family.

Also up that night, there’s some jazz and such happening at Milhouse. From Rome, Italy, Bulldog Drummond will be playing fusion music, as will UK touring act World Service Project. Kalamazoo locals Rotten Wood Moon, as well as Saxsquatch and Bridge Band, will round out the set.


Dinner is served around 8. Donations will be asked to help the touring bands get where they need to go.

About saxsquatch

Saxsquatch is a freelance musician, writer, blogger, and tetris-player. He is frequently found roaming the expanses of Kalamazoo, Michigan, terrorizing the populace with loud noises and dirty jokes.
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