3/8 Shakespeare’s (21+) – The Cardboard Swords / Moses / Mold / Dad Jeans

Let it never be said that Kalamazoo always hosts the same kinds of shows! If you’re like me and you’ve spent the last week going to punk and metal shows, then this is a show that will highlight the more melodic side of Kalamazoo’s music scene.

THE CARDBOARD SWORDS – Emo-influenced indie rock from Grand Rapids. They’re playing the last show on their spring 2015 tour. Let’s make it a good one!

MOSES – Experimental indie rock from Mount Pleasant. Also finishing up a weekend run. This band will make you feel.

MOLD – Local math-rockers with a twist. Legend has it this band were shaped of ice and divine winds in the wake of the snowpocalypse 2014.

DAD JEANS – Local skramzy bummer punks. The band that was playing when you realized you left the stove on.

21+ show. Free but donation-based. Show starts at 9.

Donate to the touring bands and be excellent to each other!

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March 5th – Get With The Loudness – Satellite Records / Bell’s Brewery

As usual, there’s too much going on in Kalamazoo, and barely enough time. But you can dancount on everyone working together to bring you shows starting and different times, so everyone can go to everything! (if that’s the kind of Thursday you’re ready to have).

First things first, the first show is at SATELLITE RECORDS and features out of town hardcore punk experimenters out of Philadephia, SOUL GLO. Soul Glo have a somewhat oldschool punk sound blended with a lot of unusual takes on hardcore. Straightforward punk never seems to be the thing Kalamazoo loves, so this would be worth checking out.

Joining Soul Glo are local revived favorites SEVENTEEN AGAIN, as well as a gnarly no-wave punk band GET FUCKED (THE BAND).

THIS SHOW STARTS AT 6:00 PM! Early show so that you can leave and get on with your life, or continue on to the free show at Bell’s. Please bring donation for Soul Glo, as they are making their way on tour.

The show at BELL’S features three beloved local bands. Comes see them in a room that’ll moldmake them sound how they’re supposed to.

EVERYONE AND THEIR EMPTY CUPS are long-standing grungy punk fuckery you can dance to.

MOLD are locals possessed by prog gods, the names of which you never knew.

and THE SHORTLIFE are the most sonically pleasing punk band in town.

This show is free for those who are 21+, and does not exist for those who aren’t. Starts at 9:00 PM. Tip yr bartender.

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Milhouse Show – Punk In All It’s Infinite Derivative Glory – ED SCHRADER’S MUSIC BEAT | DESIRING DEAD FLESH | ANYBODY BUT THE COPS | SEVENTEEN AGAIN – 2.27

img090Punk is an endless scrawling abyss of sounds, concepts, theories, notions. Some things are to be expected, and others may shift your paradigm of what is to be considered.

This show is going to bring a lot of variety to the table, but what you can count on in common among all is genuine ferocity. Whether simplistic or complex, whether goofy or sincere to the core, it’s all done with captivating intensity – and if that’s your dig then you’re going to love this.

ED SCHRADER’S MUSIC BEAT is generally two-band sonic onslaught, paying homage to past innovators in the proto-punk as well as no-wave experimentations, while bringing something entirely new to the table. Ed Schrader has said in interviews that, though having had the opportunity to tour with some great projects, his favorite shows are the smaller, stranger, more focused shows – and Kalamazoo knows how to bring that, so lets see if we can make that happen.

DESIRING DEAD FLESH are a long-standing staple of Michigan punk. They are guaranteed to make you feel a certain youthful nostalgia – either because you saw this band back when you were still wearing zipper pants and an all-too-crisp leather jacket with safety pinned patches, or because you will see these young kids totally shredding for the first time and remember how you first got into this crazy punk world. Be ready to let go of yourself for a bit and just have fun, it’ll be hard not to.

SEVENTEEN AGAIN are making their return to Kalamazoo basements and a return to your hearts, now featuring Brok Leshman on bass and featuring tons of new songs to try out on you. Seventeen Again remain the best under 20 minutes in Kalamazoo. They’re playing first so don’t miss ’em.


1/3rd of Anybody But The Cops kind of looks like this

ANYBODY BUT THE COPS have always been and will always be too complicated for their own good – but you have to admit they are some snappy dressers. Come participate in the gnarly mess. No PA’s no masters.

This show begins right at 9:00 PM with Seventeen Again, so do not miss! Ed Schrader and Desiring Dead Flesh are on two different tours, so please please please bring cash for donation and/or merch. House venues don’t accept square and if you want to know why I’m sure the donation collector can give you a solid explanation. Be excellent to each other first and foremost. We’ll be excellent to you. Email ditkalamazoo@gmail.com for the address to Milhouse.

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Mysterious Music And More At Rey Mysterio’s House – 2.21

The most mysterious house in Kalamazoo is having a particularly mysterious show, featuring newer bands who have no recordings available. However, from what I’ve gathered, every performance is going to be sick in it’s own way.

What we do know about

BABY KID is out of Chicago, and they write some good warped tunes that’ll warm your blisteringly cold heart and general February existence.

APE NOT KILL APE are out of Grand Rapids and will be bringing their own blend of surf rocky noise and post punk.

CHARLES ROGERS is from Grand Rapids and that’s not actually his name

WWEMO will be playing their second show this week and also their second show ever. I got the exclusive that they are super excellent by watching their set two nights ago.

Be excellent, compliment Rey on his house and wrestling moves, donate to the outta townerz.

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7/14 – Valen-Times at the Fireplace Club: 6th annual Open Mic

Saturday the 14th will see a medium-standing Vine Neighborhood tradition. For the 6th year in a row, the Fireplace Club will become an open stage for any young romantic, middle-aged cynic, or star-crossed old fool to take up an instrument and sing a few songs about arguably the best and worst thing ever: Love.

Anyone who would like to perform is welcome, with zero previous performance experience required. Each group can perform up to two love songs. ‘Love Sucks’ songs are also totally allowed, as are poems, chants, a-capella performances, tone-poems, etc etc etc. It is an unofficial ask, though, that groups limit ‘love sucks’ pieces to just one (but if you’re beefin’ with love this time around, that’s okay too).

This is an ‘acoustic open mic’, meaning the instruments should be non-electric (or super easy to set up and tear down etc etc etc).

There will also be acoustic guitars and a baby grand piano available to play.

Sign-up starts at 7:45, and the music starts promptly at 8pm. It goes on and on until there are no more people on the sign-up sheet.

Hope to see y’all there.

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Too Heavy, Too Good – Hordes, Seventeen Again, Shoto, Forget The Times – Bespin – 2.13 + Bonus show at Satellite Records!

When noise bands become metal, when metal becomes punk, when punk becomes indecipherable – then you’ve got this show happening at BESPIN (aka Cloud City).

This winter has seen a slow down in house shows, so if you’re looking to break up the drabness of the February weather, this would be a solid opportunity.

HORDES are long time experimenters out of Lansing, MI, who are bringing their heaviest, doomiest set yet to Kalamazoo.

SEVENTEEN AGAIN are back after a hiatus, and they’ve got new material to show off. Plus, because they’re mostly playing new stuff, their set is as short as when the first began, so you’re going to want to make it there on time to be sure you don’t miss ’em.

SHOTO are the heaviest, most technical band around Kalamazoo featuring three of the nicest guys that look somewhat like Charles Manson.

FORGET THE TIMES bring a new thing every time, and honestly it’s always been my favorite to see what their improvised set becomes on a louder set. You will not be disappointed.

This show begins at 9:00! Bring donation! Be swell as hell!




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Satellite Records Continues To Bring It – Storm Ross, Windjammer, Forget The Times – 1.31

Kalamazoo DIY has been bringing incredible music from all over the world to this tiny college town, but sometimes the real gems are right here in your own backyard. This Saturday, come and see some prime experimenters right from the mitten.

STORM ROSS is a multi-faceted three-piece out of Ann Arbor merging electronic experimentation with psychedelia and heavier elements. The sound is unique and effective, if you’re looking for something you haven’t seen before.

FORGET THE TIMES are local heavy hitters, performing with a variable cast for almost five years. Since they’re improv, there’s always something new with each show. If you’ve missed ’em, then you’re missing out.

WINDJAMMER is the newest project of experimentation in town, bringing full-fledged strangeness out of just one guitar. A literal merchant sailing ship of cool sounds.


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