Cheap Girls / Bike Tuff / Jake Simmons and the Little Ghosts March 20 2015

On Friday, March 20th 2015, Louie’s Trophy House Grill is hosting the third and final WIDR Week 2015 showcase.

Headlining the night is Cheap Girls, a power-pop trio from Lansing, MI. These dudes are taking a break from touring with huge national acts like Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Hold Steady, and Against Me! to close out the live music portion of WIDR Week 2015.

Cheap Girls’ rhythm section are literally brothers, which imparts a pre-lingual connection to their performance, while Adam’s guitar lines alternately evoke Peter Buck or Jeff Tweedy.

Check out how big three dudes can sound in their official video for “Ruby”:

And for an idea of what Cheap Girls will sound like at Louie’s this Friday, watch them perform “Slow Nod” live at Hurley Studios last fall.

Bike Tuff is the hardest rocking Kalamazoo band you’ve never seen. Watch them get the crowd riled up at Fat Guy House:

And then take a listen to Bike Tuff sing an ode to the now-departed Oak St. Market, which sounds like it could have been performed by Jimmy Eat World:

Finally, it’s been said many times before that Jake Simmons can go fuck himself, but he’s going to prove the haters wrong yet again as he employs his psychic powers to surround himself with Little Ghosts, who will teach us all a little something about Them, Them, and Us:

Best not risk it – if you’re 18 or older, come out to Louie’s this Friday at 8pm, for all things Cheap, Tuff, Little, and WIDR. Tickets are $8 in advance, $12 day-of-show.

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More cool shows in Kzoo, oh boy! This one’s an early show (6 PM) at Satellite, featuring a sick alternative emo band from Lansing, WAYNE SZALINSKI. They released a spectacular record called Black Mirror back in October, and it positively rules. Vocals will almost remind you of Jeff Buckley in some places, and the songwriting will make you wonder if you’re listening to an emo band or a cleverly-disguised alternative band. But at the end of the day, all genres aside, there is no denying that this group has something special about them, and you won’t want to miss it.

I can vividly remember my first times listening to Wayne Szalinski, driving around downtown Kalamazoo with my best friends last summer, listening to Fondly Truly (the release that precedes Black Mirror) and buying cheap fast food because we couldn’t afford anything else. What if you remember your first time listening to them as standing at Satellite Records, and being immersed by the uniqueness and sheer emotion that was being unveiled right before your very eyes? If you’ve never listened to this group, tonight is your chance.

Playing with Wayne Szalinski are two spectacular local acts.

CARDBOARD HIGHWAY – a trio that blends post-rock, indie rock and emo into a very cohesive and emotional set. A must-see local act.

WWEMO – one of Kalamazoo’s newest and most mysterious local acts. No Bandcamp previews for this one, but where’s the fun in that anyway? Go see a group you won’t hear anywhere else, you won’t regret it.

6 PM show / Free ($5 suggested donation) / Satellite Records

And, as always: be excellent to each other.

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Anyone? No? Okay then.

11034375_1554869624795224_6347882132111770860_oIn case you hadn’t heard, there’s a show going on! This time, supported by the art of HURLING.

Hurling is an Irish sport where there are balls, and sticks, and sports. If you haven’t heard of hurling, you can learn more about this amazing and ancient Irish sport by stopping by the show. We’ll have equipment and video of the game. If you can’t make it, check out for info.

Acts include well-known locals Saxsquatch & the Bridge Band, Axel & Marcus Quinlan, Tyler K. Berkey, and Benjamin Wearwolf. (Yep – all of the acts are local. That’s what this entire paragraph is about.)

Saxsquatch ampersand the Bridge Band have been hootin’ and hollerin’ around the jazzier parts of Kalamazoo for a minute, and chances are if you haven’t seen them play, you’ve at least seen them walking around town. They’re big players of jazz and blues, and doing it well, so you won’t be missing out. Pinkie promise.

Axel and Marcus Quinlan are local folks that play the folk music. The bros are a guitar/bass duet with vocals. Just with vocals. No adjectives needed. Both are also members of the  GAA, so would be appropriate individuals to talk to about Irish sportsball.

Tyler K. Berkey is solo-ing his rock career tonight with appropriate levels of guitar and voice amped up to 10.5. (Louie’s Back Room can’t handle this 11!)

Benjamin Wearwolf has been seen performing in a variety of styles, from noise to rock to folk (all of which your grandpappy probably considers “racket.”) Tonight Mr. Wolf will be performing his rockier side of things with some sweet shredded guitar garnished with a rough but honest vocal accompaniment.

So come on down to LOUIE’S BACK ROOM.
Suggested $5 donation to help pay for local sports.

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NEW BANDS – NEW BANDS – NEW BANDS Petrillo | Hungry Man | The Rutabega – Milhouse 3.13

It’s true, THE RUTABEGA are not a new band – nor is HUNGRY MAN (well, maybe they are, very little info is out there). But, they are both new to the Milhouse basement,

flyer by Kasey Chaos!

flyer by Kasey Chaos!

and Hungry Man is new to Kalamazoo ears. You’ll find in Kalamazoo that many bands travel through multiple times, due to the numerous factors that make our city so great to play in. If you’re looking for something you haven’t yet seen in a basement around here, this is a good opportunity. With both of these bands, you’re going to find hooks that don’t quit, and some hard hitting gnar. Get into it.

Important to note, PETRILLO IS a new band – a new local! One of the things that makes this new band particularly special is that there are four members that you may have never seen play. Kalamazoo has a habit of having the same 15 people cycle around in several different bands, and it’s exciting to see a band that is not that at all – but also comprised of heavily active and involved members of several facets of Kalamazoo’s weird artsy world. I’m being secretive because it’s more fun for you to find out all on your own.

This show starts right at 9:00 at the good ol’ Milhouse. Please bring money for The Rutabega and Hungry Man who are traveling from South Bend and Chicago. Be excellent to each other. Make a new friend and start a band with them. Email for the address.

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TONIGHT! – Hypercolor / Forget The Times / The Uncanny @ Satellite Records

Tonight, Kalamazoo will be in the presence of greatness.

These days, that’s almost not saying much. There are so many incredible shows happening a regular, weeknight basis that it’s easy to become callous to the level of talent our little city attracts. Well, let me try to convince you that tonight stands out at least a little bit from the rest:



Let’s talk about Hypercolor.

First, I suggest letting the above link play while yr browsing. Because at the end of the day, no matter how well written a DIT post is, it’s basically just a colorful way to try and convince you to actually stop and listen to the band.

Hypercolor is from New York City. They are an instrumental trio with a wonderfully complex yet deceptively simple songwriting approach. The kind of music that simultaneously appeals to music scholars and casual listeners. Songs often have an unusual flow with slight atonal quirks or unexpected changes. But there is still a wonderful Pop edge present at all times. They’re not afraid to explore but have no wish to alienate the listener in the process.

Hypercolor just put out a new album on Tzadik Records. If you’re familiar with the label run by Avant-garde luminary, John Zorn then you already know this show can’t be missed. If not, maybe you got a chance to see their label mates Les Rhinoceros at Milhouse. This show will be of the same caliber.

Here’s what Tzadik has to say about the band:
“A crazy collaborative jazz-rock unit out of the new generation of Downtown improvisers, Hypercolor is a bizarre trio that blends Beef- heart, Sonny Sharrock and ’80s punk with contemporary classical orchestral textures, spastic world music rhythms and noise improvisation. Sonic madness featuring the twisted guitar of Eyal Maoz, the deep toned bass of James Ilgenfritz and the grooving drums of African music aficionado Lukas Ligeti.

Opening up the night will be locals The Uncanny & Forget The Times.

*This is an early show!*
Music will start at 6pm
$5 donation is suggested for the touring band
All ages are always welcome
Please, no booze or drugs. Safe space!
Satellite Records is located at
808 S. Westnedge
Next to 4th Coasts & Bagel Beanery 

See y’all tonight!

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3/8 Shakespeare’s (21+) – The Cardboard Swords / Moses / Mold / Dad Jeans

Let it never be said that Kalamazoo always hosts the same kinds of shows! If you’re like me and you’ve spent the last week going to punk and metal shows, then this is a show that will highlight the more melodic side of Kalamazoo’s music scene.

THE CARDBOARD SWORDS – Emo-influenced indie rock from Grand Rapids. They’re playing the last show on their spring 2015 tour. Let’s make it a good one!

MOSES – Experimental indie rock from Mount Pleasant. Also finishing up a weekend run. This band will make you feel.

MOLD – Local math-rockers with a twist. Legend has it this band were shaped of ice and divine winds in the wake of the snowpocalypse 2014.

DAD JEANS – Local skramzy bummer punks. The band that was playing when you realized you left the stove on.

21+ show. Free but donation-based. Show starts at 9.

Donate to the touring bands and be excellent to each other!

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March 5th – Get With The Loudness – Satellite Records / Bell’s Brewery

As usual, there’s too much going on in Kalamazoo, and barely enough time. But you can dancount on everyone working together to bring you shows starting and different times, so everyone can go to everything! (if that’s the kind of Thursday you’re ready to have).

First things first, the first show is at SATELLITE RECORDS and features out of town hardcore punk experimenters out of Philadephia, SOUL GLO. Soul Glo have a somewhat oldschool punk sound blended with a lot of unusual takes on hardcore. Straightforward punk never seems to be the thing Kalamazoo loves, so this would be worth checking out.

Joining Soul Glo are local revived favorites SEVENTEEN AGAIN, as well as a gnarly no-wave punk band GET FUCKED (THE BAND).

THIS SHOW STARTS AT 6:00 PM! Early show so that you can leave and get on with your life, or continue on to the free show at Bell’s. Please bring donation for Soul Glo, as they are making their way on tour.

The show at BELL’S features three beloved local bands. Comes see them in a room that’ll moldmake them sound how they’re supposed to.

EVERYONE AND THEIR EMPTY CUPS are long-standing grungy punk fuckery you can dance to.

MOLD are locals possessed by prog gods, the names of which you never knew.

and THE SHORTLIFE are the most sonically pleasing punk band in town.

This show is free for those who are 21+, and does not exist for those who aren’t. Starts at 9:00 PM. Tip yr bartender.

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