Kestrels (Nova Scotia) / Katy Needs A Life / Tim does not exist. @ Louie’s, Sunday 07/06

kestrels band pic

Halifax shoegaze trio Kestrels are visiting the states on tour with their new EP ‘The Moon is Shining Our Way’.  They will be making a stop in Kalamazoo this Sunday, July 6th at Louie’s Trophy House Grill, 440 E. North Street.

The Canadian fuzz poppers released ‘A Ghost History’ in 2012.  This new EP is a precursor to their next full-length expected in 2015.

Kalamazoo’s response to the question ‘what happens when you mix classically-trained chops with 8-bit synth pop?’ Katy Needs A Life will perform her infectiously catchy numbers with her trademark charismatic stage presence, caffeinated by a Descendents-level of pre-game coffee chugging.

Tim does not exist. is the moniker that singer/songwriter Tim Tapper has chosen to use for his material nowadays.  This January he made one of his most recent recordings available for listening in its entirety on YouTube with a download link available on the page.  It’s an enjoyable, fuzzy, self-reflecting listen.

Louie’s is located at 440 E. North Street in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  The cover is a suggested donation of $5 and doors at 8:30 P.M. with the show kicking off around 9 P.M.  See you there!


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Seventeen Again (RECORD RELEASE), Life in a Vacuum, Congratulations, Talvisota @ The Box 6/20

Let me tell you something about the show that is happening tonight at this new house venue that I haven’t been to you yet called “The Box.” It is going to be hard. Local Yokels Seventeen Again will be selling their DEBUT 12″ LP “Invoke” at the show because it is literally a “record release show” and you should take this opportunity to listen to them, if you haven’t, and/or buy the record, because this is the first time you can.

Oh, and what’s that, you’re not sold on this show yet but you’re still inexplicably reading this post? WELL HAVE I GOT A TREAT FOR YOU. LIFE IN A VACUUM will be travelling from Ontario CANADIA AGAIN, as they rocked the Millhouse last year ’round this very same time of year.

I was at the show and it was wild. And therefore I trust their opinion about who to play with. And that means that even though I know nothing about Congratulations other than the youtube video I have been linked to, I am still suggesting that you check them out.

And filling the line up out as extra local support is Talvisota.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see some solid Kalamazoo hard-core rock ‘n roll TONIGHT at THE BOX. Check the Facebook event for more deets (location, etc). TGIF, YA’LL.

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Local Punks On The Move – No Bails, Anybody But The Cops Tours Kickoff + More – Milhouse – 6.5

Kalamazoo has become notable for being a go-to spot for DIY touring bands. Houses are packed, people are nice, the couches are bedbug free, and Michigan has limited poisonous creatures – all good news for the band on the go.

For all the hard work Kalamazoo does to make this town a good time for bands that come here, the amount of locals that really get out there and travel sometimes seems small. that’s why No Bails and Anybody But The Cops, embarking on two tours on the same day, is a notable happenstance.

NO BAILS are a long time West Michigan force of garage rock and sloppy punk, a key band associated with UFO Dictator, the mysterious local label responsible for bringing you all that is good in garage punk sounds once a year. No Bails are playing for the first time at Milhouse, and then taking off on a tour promoting their new new new new new record Epyx Shredder

ANYBODY BUT THE COPS are the scattered noise punk group that has played Milhouse more than anyone of that description. After 2.5 years and 3 drummers, they are going on their first tour. They cannot stop drawing traffic pylons.

This show is mainly to raise up some funds to begin these two tours, and to kick things off on the right foot. In order to do that, there’s even more!

If we’re trying to run the gamut of Kalamazoo punk in one small show, that means including a brand new band. TALVISOTA will be playing their second show ever. They are a two piece, because nobody really likes bass anyway, and they are nervous so show up on time and put their minds at ease.

Also on-the-spot painting will be had by friends of No Bails Michael Bailey.

Donate. Show starts at 9:00. Respect the house, friends new and old, and yourself. Be kind, rewind.

Message for address.

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Saturday, May 31st – Dust From 1000 Years / Fiona Dickinson / Peter Cook / Misery Loves Co. @ Milhouse

It’s a beautiful day, and if that weather person ain’t a damn lie, it’s fixin’ to be a gorgeous night.  If you’re looking to get out of the house, Milhouse in the Vine Neighborhood has 4 acts performing in their basement for your eyes and ears to feast upon.

Bloomington, Indiana’s Dust From 1000 Years are returning to Kalamazoo for the first time in 4 years.  By college town standards, that’s an entire generation later.  Well, there’s a reason it’s been so long: Dust From 1000 Years are reunited after an extended absence from performing.  If you were familiar with their music before, it has retained that forlorn sense of ennui and contempt in attitude and remains spacious yet grungy in sound.

The song “Party Song” from their new release ‘Moon’ sums up their outlook quite well:

Kalamazoo’s English rose Fiona Dickinson is on board for this one.  Whether her performance shall be with a full band or solo acoustic remains to be disclosed.

Peter Cook, currently of Kalamazoo’s Boring People, will appear to play a few covers and older songs from past bands he’s been in.

Josh Miller, Milhouse resident and Seventeen Again/Forget The Times guitarist will be performing as Misery Loves Co., just he and a drummer.  The act is definitely NOT this Misery Loves Co.

Milhouse is located in the Vine Neighborhood.  If you don’t know the address, you can message or post on the Milhouse Facebook (recommended) that you need to be sent the address.  While there is no entry fee, we suggest bringing a few dollars to donate to the touring band.  It’s a hard life there out on the road, gas is expensive.  Things should be getting underway around 9 p.m.!  See you there!

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Tonight at the Vine Neighborhood Association: Overly Polite Tornadoes, Gifts or Creatures, Cardboard Highway, Nathan K.

It’s safe to say that if you’re a fan of Kalamazoo music, you’ve probably seen the members of Overly Polite Tornadoes before, even if you hadn’t yet heard of OPT.

Overly Polite Tornadoes are two sixths of Kalamazoo’s shoegaze mainstays, Glowfriends.

Take a couple minutes and listen to OPT cover 20/20’s “The People in your Life”:

And if you like OPT, then you’ll probably also like Cardboard Highway, who is also performing tonight. Here’s a representative track from their Silverware EP:

Nathan K.  will be making the trek from Ypsilanti for this show as well, to play indie folk of varying tempos on a variety of topics, from intense relationships to the melancholy details of everyday life. Here’s the title track from his 2012 album “Dishes”:

Also rolling into Kalamazoo from westbound I-94 is Gifts or Creatures, whose Americana  tunes and cinematic soundscapes have been echoing through the midwest since 2010. Take a listen to “Relics & Ghosts” from their 2013 album Yesteryear Western Darkness:

Or better yet, have a look at this live performance of Woodrow, from the same album:

This all starts at 7:30 tonight (May 30th) at the Vine Neighborhood Association at 511 West Vine St (between Fourth Coast and Chenery Auditorium)

$5 suggested donation – all ages

Get directionsRSVP on Facebook

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Noise Show At Corner Record Shop Tonight!

Corner Record Shop has got it going on! They’re hosting another premium Ambient Noise adventure featuring some local favorites and an out of town heavy hitter.

Doors at 8pm
Music at 9:30
All Ages
Bring money for the touring artist
BYOB (no jerks)
Buy records

CRS is at 1710 West Main (Tiffany’s Village)
This will be one of the last shows before the store moves down to the Vine Neighborhood on July 1st. Enjoy while it lasts!




Rochester, NY’s finest noise musician, Joel aka City Harvest Black will be gracing us with his presence. This is the real deal. No half stepping. Joel lays down some of the best ambient sounds, textures and moods you’ll ever witness. Kalamazoo is lucky to have him!

FTT Lite


Sean & Josh from Forget The Times are playing as a duo tonight. Just guitars, drones and shred (no drums).



Kalamazoo’s favorite Sax man will be skronkin’ it up and kickin’ off the festivities.



Longtime Kalamazoo noise champion. Sid will be laying down those heavy synth loops the only way he knows how.

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Folk For Many Folks – Axel & Marcus Quinlan, Ugly Brothers, Lousy Trouts, Deep Waters – 5.27

Louie’s Trophy House will be the place for fans of acoustic music from across the board. Be it gruff of ethereal, there’s something for all tastes. The night is particularly exciting, as two Milwaukee bands are making their first trek to Kalamazoo.

UGLY BROTHERS are a large band of rag tag soulful folk singers. For fans of The Avett Brothers, Elvis Perkins, and Tik Tok, but a bit more rough around the edges than those examples – not that they are not fine players – just a tangible authenticity in their style.

LOUSY TROUTS on the other hand, are quite reminiscent of Lonesome Crowded West era Modest Mouse – but all acoustic and refreshingly new to your ears.

Also this night, not so lousy, not so trouty, not so ugly, but definitely brothers - Axel and Marcus Quinlan will be playing their first set as a duo since August. Axel is the former songwriter for The Almanac Shouters, and has been working on a large body of solo work for the last couple of years. Each show is a glimpse into some portion of what is to be a cohesive concept album.

Also backing up the traveling acts would be the profoundly ethereal Deep Waters – a project started by talented local musician DSK as a keyboard project – many of the songs are now often performed live on acoustic guitar. Meditate and contemplate, get pensive but not sad.

Bring yourself, bring your friends, bring five dollars, bring what is left of your show worn ears. Tip the waitstaff and give the sound engineer a high five.

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