Too Heavy, Too Good – Hordes, Seventeen Again, Shoto, Forget The Times – Bespin – 2.13 + Bonus show at Satellite Records!

When noise bands become metal, when metal becomes punk, when punk becomes indecipherable – then you’ve got this show happening at BESPIN (aka Cloud City).

This winter has seen a slow down in house shows, so if you’re looking to break up the drabness of the February weather, this would be a solid opportunity.

HORDES are long time experimenters out of Lansing, MI, who are bringing their heaviest, doomiest set yet to Kalamazoo.

SEVENTEEN AGAIN are back after a hiatus, and they’ve got new material to show off. Plus, because they’re mostly playing new stuff, their set is as short as when the first began, so you’re going to want to make it there on time to be sure you don’t miss ‘em.

SHOTO are the heaviest, most technical band around Kalamazoo featuring three of the nicest guys that look somewhat like Charles Manson.

FORGET THE TIMES bring a new thing every time, and honestly it’s always been my favorite to see what their improvised set becomes on a louder set. You will not be disappointed.

This show begins at 9:00! Bring donation! Be swell as hell!




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Satellite Records Continues To Bring It – Storm Ross, Windjammer, Forget The Times – 1.31

Kalamazoo DIY has been bringing incredible music from all over the world to this tiny college town, but sometimes the real gems are right here in your own backyard. This Saturday, come and see some prime experimenters right from the mitten.

STORM ROSS is a multi-faceted three-piece out of Ann Arbor merging electronic experimentation with psychedelia and heavier elements. The sound is unique and effective, if you’re looking for something you haven’t seen before.

FORGET THE TIMES are local heavy hitters, performing with a variable cast for almost five years. Since they’re improv, there’s always something new with each show. If you’ve missed ‘em, then you’re missing out.

WINDJAMMER is the newest project of experimentation in town, bringing full-fledged strangeness out of just one guitar. A literal merchant sailing ship of cool sounds.


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The Valenteens/No Bails/ Disatronaut 1/7

Pop Punk Show. Milhouse. 9 pm. First show of the year.

The Valenteens
No Bails

Donations accepted.

The Valenteens
Chicago, IL
The Valenteens Bandcamp

It’s the music that was playing on a mixtape your first love made for you. You shared your first kiss while “Kowabunga” played in the back ground. It was sensational and left feeling like a punk rock rebel. You never listened to the lyrics until later when it became the mixtape that would cause you inexplicably cry while listening. Eventually, while sobbing, you found yourself ripping the tape out of the cassette deck saying something along the lines of, “this music keeps me from getting over you!” You shook your fists at God for making you such an emotionally misunderstood skater. You pushed the tape back into the player. You were angry until “…For the Painfully Alone” started playing. For the first time, you heard the lyrics and it dawned on that everything would eventually be fine. You drive into the night a new person, finally understanding the growing pains involved with growing up.

No Bails
Kalamazoo, MI

One day, Bill had enough of the bullshit. He thought about it deeply as he walked home from his middle school bus stop. For some reason, that night he prayed. Bill asked God for guidance while simultaneously cursing his mom for giving him this shitty, at home haircut that now warranted the nickname Elvis. Kids are cruel.
Bill dreamt of many things until suddenly his eyes opened Useless Eater stood in his room, holding a guitar and a skateboard. For some reason, Bill wasn’t afraid. Bill asked for advice. Eater said, “take these tools, get a haircut, go to basement shows, and your bully problems will be gone.” Faintly in the background Bill could hear a light beeping. It gradually got louder and turned chaotic as the songs from the album “Epyx Shredder” played over top. Visions of naked women and vert ramps took over his teenaged mind with splatters of quick trauma (like shits so big he bled type stuff).
He woke up that morning in a cold sweat.
From that day forward, things were different. Things made sense. He had a new nickname, Grease. E Dude. He loved it.

Grand Rapids

When Amy called Clarissa and said they were going to a basement show, Clarissa was less than enthused. She and Tyler had just broken up a few days before and she didn’t know how she would survive without the strong, quarterback arms of her ex. She wondered how he could do this so close to prom.
Amy assured Clarissa that everything would be fine. That this show would get her mind off things and that there would be lots of cuties there. Clarissa got out of bed, threw on some beat up hoodie and leggings, and walked downstairs. Her father was sitting in the recliner in the living room and turned to see her as she walked out the door. He usually felt the urge to say something about her outfits and how low cut the shirts were. When he saw her outfit, he smiled thinking perhaps that stage of her life was finally over. He stood up, walked to the mantle, kissed his shotgun and said, “I guess I won’t be needing you anymore, she’s all grown up and only respectable boys will come over now”. With that, he threw the gun in the lake.
Clarissa had never been to a house show before. She had never been to a show really. Except for Brittney Spears a few times in middle school. Amy told her these shows were different, that they were more fun and she’d meet way cooler people.
“Cooler?” Asked Clarissa.
“Yes, cooler,” said Amy.
“I don’t know,” said Clarissa, “Brian listens to stuff like punk and I don’t like it.”
“No,” sniped Amy. “Your brother listens to Tool and is a tool. You’ve never heard anything like this before.”
They walked into the basement as Disatronaut played. It was true, Clarissa hadn’t heard anything like this before. It was loud, yet poppy. She wanted to dance, but realized her years of ballet were futile in such a cramped space, so she just jumped up and down with everyone else.
Any other night, she would have been crying if someone had sweat on her. She would have been angry if her make up ran because she was too hot. She would have acted insulted it some punk rock dude hit on her, but not tonight.
She felt like she had lost it. Then found it. Then lost it again. In all the turmoil, she felt happy. She was dancing her ass off when suddenly a guy she went to school with tapped her on the shoulder.
“Grease?” She asked.
“Yeah, but here, my friends just call me Bill,” he said.

Pop Punk Show. Milhouse. 9 pm.

The Valenteens
No Bails

Donations accepted.

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Boring People/Regular Fucked Up People Split 7″ release show Fri, Jan. 2nd @ Satellite Records, wsg Temporary Arrangment


Already Dead Tapes & Records and Satellite Records are jointly releasing a split 7″ to start 2015 off proper.  The release features one song each by Kalamazoo’s Boring People and Chicago’s Regular Fucked Up People.  It officially drops this Tuesday for the general public but DITKalamazoo has the inside scoop on a pre-release show happening at Satellite Records, 808 S. Westnedge in Kalamazoo tonight, Friday, January 2nd at 9 p.m. where both bands will perform and have the record available.  Additionally, Kalamazoo’s Temporary Arrangement will open the event.  The split is priced at $5.  Donations are suggested to support Regular Fucked Up People’s journey to and from Chicago.  Hope to see y’all tonight!

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Louie’s Trophy House

629 Walbridge, Kalamazoo


No-nonsense skatepunk from this Kalamazoo trio, fronted by Useless Eater, the host of WIDR’s

Down in Flames (for all your punk radio needs.) Thick chunky guitars! Songs under two minutes!

Songs about crappy ’90s wrestlers! What else do you need?


Shimmering dreampop from a female-led trio that comes to Louie’s all the way from Cincinnati!


Garagey goodness from Grand Rapids.


This is a side project of Wallace Lucas, guitarist for Kalamazoo’s Boring People. Songs of loss

and loneliness, joined to a voice whose resigned anguish is an emotion we’ve all felt. Music that is both

Donation at the door! Bring your friends!

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Weekend at The Forbidden Zone

Holy guacamole this weekend is going to incredible at The Forbidden Zone! Starting tonight, music of all different types will be showcased in what will soon be another legendary basement. The line up for the next two days is comprised of super energetic punk and surf music on Friday, and drudgy, multi-genre, weird-but-in-a-good-way music on Saturday.

12/5 – Ping Pong, Anybody But The Cops, Big Strong Boys, The Uncanny@ The Forbidden Zone

Warning: Punk Rock is not dead. The bands you will be hearing may make your head explode and your brain leak from your nostrils. You may experience breif amnesia because you can’t process how good this is going to be. Nothing after this night may really compare/ hold up. Now that you’re warned…

Ping Pong

Ping Pong ia coming out from Ann Arbor to show us what’s what about psychI garage rock unlike anything you’ve ever heard!
Songs like, “Boogie Basement,” and “There She Is,” showcase how chill things start, but gradually become more noisy. The Adventures of Pete and Pete would have had this band on their soundtrack if they had existed back then. Don’t miss out!

Anybody But The Cops

Usually when a bands genre is defined as “psycho (blank),” it’s usually tame in comparison to the pure psychosis Anybody But The Cops evokes. The band name is absolutely perfect for the way they play, as it is like you’re running as fast as you can, hopping fences, and being a badass. That’s right, the songs make you feel like a badass! The music is technical, fun, an unlike anything else in the scene right now. Don’t miss out.

Big Strong Boys
Now, I heard the word from a bird that Big Strong Boys are a local band that showcases hard beats a livetronics. Though I’ve never personally seen them, and I can’t seem to find anything online, I’m going to put it out there that they’re amazing and do something that’s been done before in a new way so it sounds outstanding. Kalamazoo bands never let me down before, and for this particular show, no one should be expecting less than greatness.

The Uncanny
The Uncanny

Time to get weird. The Uncanny is a mystical, phsyco-surf band. Comprised of all local artists, The Uncanny brings a new feel to an old genre. Some of their work is completely instrumental and easy to get lost in. It’s so good because it would be just a great in an old batman episode as it is now. Other work is chaotic with thrashy lyrics and slight uneasiness. It gives surf a new name as issued by a band from the state with the most coast line in the continental U.S.

This event will start at 9 pm. It’s gonna be rad, so don’t feel bad about throwing down $2 to support the touring act. Below is a FB link to the event page where the address becomes easy to find. Have fun!

But wait… There’s more…

12/6 – Mudwest, Liberte, Obscene Color @ The Forbidden Zone

It’s about time we took it down a notch. BUT WE CAN’T HELP OURSELVES. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!


On their Facebook page, the band Mudwest says this about themselves:

” About: God Awful. Loud and Sad. Lansing,

OH MY GOD, THEY ARE SO FREAKING AWESOME! Their music is so droney, but so hype. I can’t explain why it’s impactful, it’s just easy to get lost in. Seeing them live will surely be loud and sad. God awful, though? More like God awesome!


This Livonia garage band is full of energy and ready to rock. They started in 2011 and released the song, “Shoes”. The song was rockin’, and left audiences waiting for more. Since then, their work has been much more secretive and lives through live shows. Don’t miss out!

Obscene Color

Obscene Color is a multi-genre band based out of Detroit. Their music is rock with a hint of alternative. It’s pretty and melodic with a certain heaviness that isn’t too overbearing. It’s really good stuff, so don’t miss out!!!!!

This show starts at 9. Please bring a little cash to the event as all the bands are travelers and need gas. It’s going to be super fun, so put on your party boots and see an awesome show.


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Kalamazoo Throwbacks and Favorites – PROBLEMS THAT FIX THEMSELVES, THE NEW DIET, FORGET THE TIMES @ Milhouse 11.29

If you haven’t heard, former Kalamazoo project turned Chicago project PROBLEMS THAT FIX THEMSELVES have released a new album. You can read all about it right here, on a lovely earlier DIT post. You can also go to the listening party at Satellite 10697266_10102636338802822_2225884409184879828_oRecords on the 29th, at 6:00PM, where you could win a free copy of the record!

Problems is a long-standing but ever changing noise project from Josh Tabbia, the Chicago counterpart to the Kalamazoo/Chicago tape and record label ALREADY DEAD, which you may or may not be familiar with from the Already Dead Family Reunion – a yearly musical event that happens in the fall based around the label.

Sean Hartman, the Kalamazoo counterpart to the label, will also be performing at the Milhouse show in his full band noise collective FORGET THE TIMES. A large difference in sound and performance style from Problems, this show is sure to illustrate variance of noise music to you, if you are still yet unfamiliar.

Finally, Kalamazoo favorites out of Chicago THE NEW DIET will be making another appearance. Though you may or may not have seen them before, rumor has it that this show will be somewhat of a departure from the stuff your familiar with. If you’re curious as to what that means, you’ll just have to come and find out. Here’s a snippet of an earlier performance of theirs at Milhouse.

Please please please bring money for donatin’ the outta towners, and be sure to take a look at the merch if you’re into that sot of thing! Be excellent to each other. No time for punk time, so be there at 9:00. Email for the address.


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