Something a Little Different on the DIY Touring Circuit – THE GADABOUT FILM FEST 12th year + Eric Ayotte @ THE VNA 9.8

With the mass of DIY touring bands that come through Kalamazoo, it’s easy to get a sense of jaded on the “same old same old.” While I would personally boast that the musical Gadabout 2014 posterMODIFIEDexperiences available in Kalamazoo from week to week are highly varied and innumerable, it’s not hard to find yourself wondering, from time to time, if you’re actually up for another show.

If you’re looking to break up the monotony, but still enjoy DIY art, look no further! Eric Ayotte (of Plan-It-X Records association, and long time pal of our little city) is stopping in with his traveling film fest, The Gadabout Film Fest.

The Gadabout is a collection of short films from all over the world, ranging in style, and submitted by anyone willing to throw themselves into the mix. Every year a theme for the fest is picked, and a line up fitting that theme goes on tour, just as a DIY touring band would. So we’ve got amateur artists, showcasing their art for cheap all over!

As an example of what has previously been featured (but wont be this time around, so I’m not ruining any of it for you) is this sort documentary about an avid pinball fanatic

This year’s program is SPEECHLESS, showcasing several short films featuring zero dialog.

Opening the night at 8:00 will be Eric Ayotte himself, who is a seasoned folk musician, and one of my absolute personal favorites.

We’re kicking off this thing at 8:00 at the Vine Neighborhood Association. Please bring donation just like any other show or what have you (5 encouraged but not required). Respect the venue, the folks who traveled here and set it up, and your fellow film viewers. Be kind, rewind.

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Jes Kramer – WhiteGold – Katy Needs A Life

Catch it before it’s gone, because I can 99.99999% sure guarantee this lineup will never reassemble on a stage anywhere in the world.

Despite her busy schedule, Jes Kramer comes to visit Kalamazoo a few times a year, and brings a solid catalog of pleasing pop songs, with layered harmonies assembled before your eyes with only her one voice, through the magic of looping. While carefully placing brick after vocal brick, she also controls the electronic drums, and accompanies herself on casio keyboards, and sometimes guitar.

Just take a listen, and let her steal your heart:

WhiteGold will be rolling up from Chicago to bring their fancy party rock to Kalamazoo. Take a look at the sights and sounds of their live show: 

Katy Needs a Life often manifest as a one-woman band, but sometimes conscripts other players to mount an all-out rock siege. Often frantic, other times touching, always entertaining. She’s also calling it quits soon, so this might be your last chance to see her do her thing. Check out this music video from a couple years ago to see what you’re in for.

All this is going on at Louie’s on Saturday the 6th, music starts at 9:30pm.

Hit us up on facebook and let us know you’re coming!

Oh, and it’s only FIVE BUCKS!

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Alex Young and Odd Dates Kick Off Massive Tour at Satellite Records 9/4

This week, our own Alex Jeffrey Young of local acts PAN, Blank, and most recently, Mold, will be hitting the road hard with Odd Dates, a Grand Rapids band that most frequenters of Kalamazoo’s dank basements should be familiar with. They’re out to cover the entire country (and even some of Canada) as they make their way out to the East Coast, down to Florida, then all the way out to the West Coast and back in 28 days time. It’s an ambitious undertaking to say the least and they could use some support this Thursday at Satellite Records to help kick their tour off right.


Joining these bodacious road dogs for the evening will be Hey! Rabbit, an expatriate duo making their way over from the Czech Republic featuring Paul Cardona, formerly of the Illinois emo superheroes Joie de Vivre.


Satellite Records – Music at 9PM – $5 suggested donation

808 S. Westnedge Ave.


Facebook Event

Alex Young on Soundcloud

Odd Dates on Bandcamp

Hey! Rabbit on Bandcamp

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Local duo Fuzz Town (recently also featuring a 3rd member) tend to provide thinking noise. They have been known to take important social speeches to distortion and back again while using their rigs (guitars and a mix of analog/digital electronic gear) to give you their very own personal take on the issue at hand. Even when that’s not the point of what they do, they do tend to emotion-bend your thoughts into a coherent and cohesive sound-unit.


Town artifact Sid Redlin manages to find his way downtown every once in a while, bringing his not-to-be-ignored-but-only-envied electronic rig (I hear he’s got a new Moog these days. And by “hear,” I mean “can’t stop talking about it ever.”) Of course, with age comes practice, so he’ll definitely have something to teach a young’un or two about how the bleeps and bloops go, and exactly how to finger paint properly with electronic jams.


Headlining from Chicago, Den. masters their noise with bass, drum, and synth. Slow but satisfactory builds and tapers find their way into strategic places in between the raw feels and sound of the harder tracks. Don’t miss the ability to rock out (but not with inappropriate appendages out) to this Kzoo returnee.

It’s a bear’s DEN. GET IT!?

Show is at Satellite Records in Kalamazoo at 808 S. Westnedge. Respect the space, venue has asked that no alcoholic beverages be imbibed.

Donations for the touring show are encouraged (suggested $2-5).


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Fast And Angular Anxiety Music – Forget the Times, U SCO (Oregon), Anybody But The Cops – 8.29 – Milhouse

This Friday at Milhouse, expect to hear some loud, fast, experimental and instrumental kaseygnar – from near and far.

U SCO, traveling all the way from Portland, Oregon, are making their first trip to Michigan, though one member previously played Milhouse in the band Duck, Little Brother, Duck! If you are a fan of Hella, Spelling Bee, or any of those other technically precise yet overwhelmingly chaotic bands, it is imperative that you check this band out. They have just released a new album, Treffpunkt, which they will have on tour.

if U SCO  was not enough, local leaders in West Michigan noise music, FORGET THE TIMES will be making their first Milhouse appearance of 2014. If you’re unfamiliar, you’ll more or less have to check it out live because this improv collective is a different deal every time.

Finally, the band that is essentially Milhouse’s house band for angular bullshit punk, ANYBODY BUT THE COPS will also be making an appearance. A grab bag of highly planned music that sounds like a bunch of mistakes in a row, or 30something songs played as a medly. Expect a new track if you can find it!


for the address email

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Brown Cow/ Alicia Dawn Smith/ Turner Cody/ Morgan Orion @ Satellite 08/20

Tonight will be an amazing night to listen to folky, surfy, rockin, sway-worthy tunes at Satellite Records.


Do you remember that one time that some chick broke your heart and as you got into your car to leave her house you were bitten by a radioactive monkey who gave you the capability to write like Bright Eyes and get people to sing along with your misfortune? Brown Cow is a Kalamazoo local group who has managed to bring the words sad and pop together for some of the happiest sad music around. You may find yourself dancing and crying all at the same time. It’s insane. Just awesomely insane.

Alicia Dawn Smith’s music will make you think and keep you begging for more. Prepare to feel the calm wash over you as she serenades you to wherever your emotions may take you. There will be no link below, for you must bare witness to this in real life. There’s a possibility that your head may just explode if you miss out.


Turner Cody is coming out to visit our scene from Brooklyn. His acoustic music is as rich as his voice which sends the chillest chill down your spine. Some of the work, like “Abaraxis Foyer,” sounds like that folky-country sound that will flow throughout the night. Other pieces, like “Underground,” sound reminiscent of Little Joy that makes you bop your head and poke at the sky (because that’s how you dance).


Morgan Orion is coming over from Illinois for this occasion. Some of his music sounds like straight country-folk, but other songs sound like surf music with a violin and what sounds like a gospel choir quietly humming along. Even solo, he should be able to keep the energy flowing with his clever licks and lyrics with a semi apathetic feel behind his words.

The show tonight will start at 9 and is donation based. Please donate. For the people who traveled from all over just to make our night special, we gotta share the love. See ya there!

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Porch Show @ Milhouse – Sunday, August 17 w/ Axel Quinlan, Jeremy Waun (Detroit), Justin Krolczyk (Detroit)

milhouseshowSomething has seemed off this summer.  For the longest time, I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then the other day I looked at upcoming events for DIT Kalamazoo and it all became clear: We’ve had no Milhouse porch show thus far in 2014.  Weather permitting, that shall all change this upcoming Sunday.

Detroit freak folk artist Jeremy Waun is returning to Kalamazoo for the first time in a couple years.  Jeremy was one of the first people to participate in a DIT Session, with his edition being the highly-collectible 3rd installment of the series.  A strong voice and distinctive delivery, often melodic and hooky but at times oddball and disjointed, cause Jeremy’s music to stand out from standard singer/songwriter fare.

Justin Krolczyk also hails from Detroit.  He has created a vast array of experimental sounds over the years, the kind of performer where music seems to flow effortlessly from his limbs, channeled from somewhere beyond time, space, or thought.  Peep the percussion improvisation below for just a small sampling.

Kalamazoo’s recognized fingerpickin’ folk singer Axel Quinlan will also be gracing the porch to deliver a batch of his freshly-baked ditties.  Quinlan is known for copious quality songwriting and, according to his bandcamp, has much in store.  Check it out:


This all takes place at Milhouse on Sunday, August 17th at 8:00 p.m.  Please bring some scratch to donate to the two touring artists.  If we keep treating traveling performers well, we will have the benefit of them continuing to stop in our town during their ventures and performing for us.  If you do not know the address of Milhouse, you can message or post on the Facebook group asking for the address (recommended!):  Can’t wait to see you there!


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