No Bails (LP Release), Hex Bombs, Sniper 66, Legendary Wings, Broth @ Louie’s

Hey Pals! FRIDAY NIGHT there’s going to be a SHOW at Louie’s FEATURING THESE GUYS:



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The KCAC presents the first ‘Summer Skillshare’!

The KCAC presents our very first event of this year’s Summer Skillshares:


Organic & Urban Gardening
with Gina of Under the Stone Garden and Katie of Tabitha Farms
3pm to 6pm
@ The Vine Neighborhood Association (509 Vine Street)

This 3-hour class will cover simple principles of organic gardening that you need to know to achieve basic success growing vegetables and herbs. Gina Wertz and Katie Pearson, local farmers, will cover soil health, plant and seed spacings, planting schedules (when to plant what), trellising, and organic pest/weed/disease management. We will also plant some seeds and transplant some baby plants, either in pots or a nearby community garden, for you to take home. We may also do some hands-on gardening work, such as weeding or bed preparation. Come prepared with anything you need to work in the dirt – gloves, boots or sneakers, your own trowel (the hand-size shovel), sunglasses, a jacket (in case its cold or windy), a few containers for starting seeds (yogurt or Solo cups will do), and any seeds you’d like to plant or share. Gina will bring potting soil, extra transplants, extra seeds, and a few gardening tools to demonstrate. The class will start indoors at the Vine Neighborhood Association and move outdoors if weather permits. There will be a minimum donation of $5 to attend, but if you cannot donate but want to attend, please come talk to a board member beforehand. Please register at

We are also looking for people to assist the workshop facilitators and to help with setup and tear down! If you are interested in volunteering with the KCAC, please fill out our volunteer app and submit to


Keep on the lookout for our next skillshares happening each Saturday from May 24 until June 28. See you there!

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Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O with PERHAPS and Brown Company at Louie’s in Kalamazoo on Monday May 19th 2014

On May 19th 2014 at Louie’s Trophy House Grill in Kalamazoo, what you are going to experience is “an ass kickin’ bud whippin’ far out drop dead cool music from another solar system when the ancient gods still ruled the earth!”

Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. was founded by Kawabata Makoto, who serves as the antenna and amplifier of mind-altering psychedelic sound from around the cosmos. AMT has been touring the world since the 90s, inducing trance-like states in human minds, whether 100% sober or wildly chemically altered.

AMT’s music regularly contains long drone sections with spacey synthesizers slicing the atmosphere with a sharp glissando, twinkling grey noise, or a fiery low fuzz:

Sometimes the cosmic message comes in forms which require no electronics, or even instruments. In this 2013 performance in British Columbia, the group quiet their hands, and deliver an a capella section:

But it’s not all hookahs and rhythmic nodding – just a few minutes later in that same performance, a savage frenzy of shredded guitar, harsh synthesizer, crashing cymbals, and moon-patrol bass lines:

Coming along for the ride with AMT is “PERHAPS”, a band whose music not a divine message from ancient gods, but rather a carefully composed complex combination of jazz, progressive rock, classical, and noise. At moments, PERHAPS has technically precise but pleasing (almost jammy) guitar-riff driven sections such as this one near the start of their “Volume One” album:

For contrast, consider this chaotic-yet-sparse passage from later in that same piece:

But Kalamazoo is not just a consumer of experimental music! We are a supplier, and on that evening we’ll be supplying a healthy dose of driving rhythms, feedback, slow builds, phasers set to “wide sweep”, and windy atmospheric sounds, by Brown Company. If you want to cut straight to the badassery, see how hard Brown Company rocks on “Edwards” from their upcoming 2014 album:

If you want to see the details of how they arrived there, listen to the much longer “Tidal” from that same pre-release.

This 18+ show is getting started on Monday May 19th at 8pm at Louie’s, RSVP on Facebook to make your friends jealous!

Tickets are $10 in advance, or $12 at the door (if there are any left).

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The Mushmen, The Sailor Kicks, and Joe Disastr at Old Dog Tavern Saturday May 17 2014

Kalamazoo’s most notorious punk/ska band The Mushmen will be blowing up the toilets at Old Dog Tavern with their friends The Sailor Kicks, and Joe Disastr.

Joe Disastr is a folk-punker from Illinois who’s got a pocket full of familiar melodies as well as some originals. Here’s a quieter moment from his live set:

Grand Rapids’ Sailor Kicks play uptempo americana with smooth harmonies, occasional horn flourishes, and guitar + bass that’ll transport you back to 1997.

Finally, The Mushmen have been skanking their way to the top of Kalamazoo’s music scene with their all-in high energy live show. Here’s a full length video for their song “Buy the ticket, take the ride”

For a peek at what these dudes look like up close and in person, check them out performing “Sleep” live at 89.1 WIDR-FM:

I honestly thought Benji might leap through my monitor and tackle me to the ground. But he’s a sweetheart, come give him a hug this Saturday at 8pm at the Old Dog Tavern.

Let ‘em know how many of your smiling faces they can expect to see bobbing in the front row by RSVPing to the Mushmen & Friends Facebook event.

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Talvisota, No Reason, Dad Jeans, Green River Company @ Cooter Mansion 5/16 9pm

Making noise at Cooter Mansion with some local and regional bands.  The first of many shows to come this summer at the esteemed Cooter Mansion.  Bring your friends, bring your dads!


Dad Jeans                                                                                                        Some Funky kids from Gobles High School making Emo Punk music.  This is certainly not their debut to the DIT scene, they have been floating around like little cherubs for the past couple months making every man, woman, and child fall in love with their screamy punk filled arrows.  Talented well beyond their years, make sure you make it to the show to check them out.

Talvisota                                                                                                                                             Way neat mathy 2 piece featuring Aric Smejkal and Matt George making their debut at this show.  Born out of the rubble of the Dandy Chums.

No Reason
From Plainwell, these kids got SPUNK.  Listen to their EP.  It will blow your mind that a couple of high school kids came up with this stuff.  Seriously what the hell.

Green River Company
The Green River Company is an Alternative Indie Blues Post-Garage Punk Revival band based out of Owosso, Michigan formed in June of 2013.  They made their Kalamazoo debut at Hullabazoo this year and they basically almost tore the place down.  Check em out.

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Forget the Times & SHOTO @ Corner Record Shop TONIGHT – 5/11/14

Everyone’s favorite experimental noise band Forget the Times is celebrating their return from touring with SHOTO tonight at the Corner Record Shop. If you’re not even doing the mother’s day thing, or are done pretending to love your family, an option for you to cap off your night with super loud and weird music does exist.

If you’re into this type of stuff you won’t regret it. Plus, you can help support some local musicians break even after touring.

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Jazz, noise, saxophones, distortion, unconventional playing. You can find this in recorded music over at The Corner Record Shop, or you could very well experience it live. Though some great, innovative, and boundary pushing innovators are dead and gone – living through their undeniable masterpiece works on LP – there are people still here, pushing that envelope a bit further. Don’t let this opportunity slip by to see some great work performed live at the low low price of your donation and respectful attention.

KEIR NEURINGER is a composer, mostly notably known for his experimental and emotionally riveting saxophone work. He’s played in Kalamazoo a few times, and has always been a pleasure to witness.




PROGNOSIS NEGATIVE – the sax-laden brainchild of “Local Boulder” JarDad “The Saxquatch lost The Game” Yard Sard Selner and Sean Hartman.

FUZZ TOWN – the improv champions Josh Miller and Poncho Klinger showcasing their knowhow of space travel via guitar and electronic noise.

Bring a friend, bring yourself, bring donation, bring an open mind. 9PM.

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