Something Old, Something New, Something From New York @ MILHOUSE 3.25

porchesflyer copy

Eclectic doesn’t necessarily mean difficult, and here is a prime example of artists drawing from many different sources to create compelling and catchy music that’s hella tasty for  your earbuds!

PORCHES. a full band and sometimes solo project of Aaron Maine, is a blend of folk and indie rock in an unexpected way. Traveling all the way from New York to our humble basements, PORCHES. are here to share with you captivating and moving songwriting you can get your dance on to. This group is labelmates of such wonderful groups as Pile, Speedy Ortiz, Krill, Kal Marks and many others who may have already impressed you.

This show will also feature a resurgence of Double Phelix man of mystery GITIS BAGGS! Although Gitis has been playing music consistently in a myriad of local projects, his solo work has not been heard for some time. That being said, Gitis plays wonderful experimental and thoughtful folk that is lush, ambient, and strange. You wont want to miss!

PLUS while we’re at it, TRANCERS, a newer local project, will be making their basement debut. From influences all across the board, you can tell these folks have deeply entrenched themselves in music fandom, and are sharing their findings with us all.

Show starts at 9:00. Please donate what you can, as PORCHES. have traveled quite a ways to get here, and need to sometime get home. Be excellent to each other. Dance yr butts off. Contact for the address.

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Well y’all, WIDR WEEK is upon us again! That wondrous time of the year where the DJs of Kalamazoo’s only source of Radio Evolution guilt us all in to donating money to keep the boards lit up, the turntables spinning, and the tower broadcasting 24/7.

Of course, WIDR WEEK also means a slew of fantastic events! This WIDR week is no exception!

The WIDR ALL-NIDR kicked off the week on Monday, bringing oodles of live bands to the studio back to back. Good times were had by all, I was informed! Tonight, The Doctor hosted a special WIDR-themed Cinema Fantastique at the 411 Club featuring the film Faster Pussycat: Kill! Kill!

Tomorrow, however, as every self-respecting youth in a college town knows, is the start of the weekend, and the start of a THREE DAY WIDR CELEBRATION.

Things will start out soft and low with fantastic music by




Then, the real attraction begins, as John Brakefield and Emily Townshend share their poetry. It will be so good to hear it.

The shindig starts at 7:30 at the Vine Neighborhood Gallery (AKA Vine Neighborhood Association, AKA KCAC) and goes HARD ALL NIGHT. Please bring a minimum $3 donation to help keep WIDR WIDRFUL.

See y’all tomorrow!


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3/22/14 – Dad Jeans and The Dandy Chums @ The Corner Record Store

Come Czek it out!

Dandy Bums
Dandy Chums Tribute band

Dad Jeans
They are some cool goofballs

The Dandy Chums
THE Dandy Chums

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Loud Heavy Punk By Way Of Canada, Ohio, Wisconsin and Here – Milhouse – 3.8

Kalamazoo, forever splitting at the seams with music, is unruly almost every day of the week. Saturdays are usually the most chaotic, as that’s when the most band requests come in and the most shows are able to be set up. Sometimes, bands that fit perfectly together will all want the same day, though they have nothing to do with each other. Sometimes, you’ve just got to have three touring bands play at one show. With there, Saturday March 8th is filled to the brim with hard hitting punk, post hardcore, distortion and feedback.

GREYS coming all the way from Toronto, Ontario are a loud rock band encompasing well-melded aspects of punk energy and passion with a subtle catchy appeal. Personally one of the best live shows I witnessed last year.

DEADSET from Milwaukee are a new band featuring old friends from ALTA. Heavy hardcore and metal, brought to you by the experts in our Wisconsin sister city.

STELLA of Columbus, Ohio bring their own brand of noiserock and post punk that’s weird enough to get you interested, heavy enough to keep you listening.

PLUS LOCALS BODIES (A new screamo two piece featuring some of the swellest folks you ever did meet) and ANYBODY BUT THE COPS (local favorite disaster punk band without microphones)


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Restless and Reckless Powerpop Sad Bastard Jams To Help Get Through The Winter – High Dive (Bloomington, IN), Away Game (GR), Brown Cow – 2.21 – Milhouse

If you’re sick of being sad in the winter and just wish you could feel the sort of antsy malaise of the summer instead, the Milhouse basement has just what you’re looking for! Powerpop, pop punk, bummer summer, and other sorts of sadpop summertime jams will be happening, so come over and forget the several feet of snow and the inevitable last few cars you will push out of a ditch before it’s over. 

HIGH DIVE are a band out of Bloomington, Indiana whose musicians are associated with other wonderful and varied bands such as Defiance, Ohio, Good Luck, Toby Foster, Pink Houses, Community Currency and plenty more that I’m guaranteed to not even be aware of. They play pop punk with ferocity and an unparalleled sincerity. Music filled with self-reflection and queer positivity, it’s just the sort of themes best expressed in a medium you can scream along and dance to. 

Here’s a couple of songs from their performance at The Fest in Gainsville, FL:


AWAY GAME from Grand Rapids are bringing their version of lo-fi basement pop to Kalamazoo for the first time. Friends and former collaborator of modern powerpop heartthrob Sam Cook-Parrot of Radiator Hospital, you know these folks have the know how to make the music that makes you bob your head while feeling decidedly slightly despondent.

Finally, BROWN COW of local notoriety / infamy / will be making their first appearance at Milhouse. Mallory and the dudes bring sad slacker folk rock to a whole new level. This band has been showcasing their work around Kalamazoo for a couple of years, and I feel like I messed up by only recently checking out their music – don’t make the same mistake I did! Though their recordings are from a bit of time ago, rumor has it there’s new songs in the work that may make an appearance.

Show starts at 9:00! Please bring money to donate, as gas is never cheap when you’re lugging a fender rhodes or any other gear. Please respect everyone and everything around you, I feel they’ll do so in kind to you.

If you need the address email

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KCAC is Back: A Sunday Evening benefit show! 2/16/14

In 2008, a gang of Kalamazoo art-lovers decided to get together and make steps towards an all-ages art and performance space here in our fair city. In many ways, this rag-tag group of folks were the fore-runners and progenitors of DIT Kalamazoo as we know it now. Weekly meetings and an active Facebook page lead to a great deal of progress being made: a number of benefit shows raised a little money, non-profit status was achieved, and seeds were sown.

That initial effort eventually slowed and stalled as life happened and the folks involved found less and less time and energy to put forth. By 2009, things had slowed and the Kalamazoo Collective Arts Center initiative took a break until 2012, when a -new- rag-tag group of folks picked it back up, again with the end-goal of operating an all-ages safe-space art and music venue here in Kalamazoo!


‘Kcactus’ by Jose Rincones

Things are moving forward at a steady pace, but in order for this ultimate goal to become a reality, the KCAC needs a little thing called CHEDDAR. Hence, Sunday, Feb. 16th, an AWESOME PUNK-ROCK FUNDRAISER WILL BE HELD, featuring the excellent acts


courtesy Fisherking's Facebook

courtesy Fisherking’s Facebook



Courtesy Natty D’s Facebook

AN (Formerly PAN)


Throwback photo courtesy PAN’s Myspace page


And excellently, a 1-time reunion performance by

Courtesy Ackley Kid's Facebook page

Courtesy Ackley Kid’s Facebook page


Show starts at 9pm at Shakespeare’s Lower Level. This one is 21+ (sorry, young-punks) and also ABSOLUTELY FREE, so make sure you bring enough money for a beer and a few bucks in the KCAC’s Hat.

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Anybody remember 1982 very clearly?  Eliot Rachman does.  Or maybe he doesn’t, what do I know?  At any rate, in that year and on the heels of the musical and cultural tidal wave known as hardcore, the RSO known as Students for Progressive Action was born.

The organization was spearheaded by Rachman and Kenny Knott, who, as students at Western and members of Violent Apathy, sought to make Kalamazoo’s venerated university a viable option for hardcore bands in need of a venue.

Students for Progressive Action made it possible for many of hardcore’s seminal groups to make appearances in Kalamazoo, including but not limited to Black Flag, Minutemen, Discharge and Minor Threat.  This was, of course, long before punk shows could be coordinated and held in one’s basement with merely a handful of facebook messages.

And now, three decades later, some spunky WMU students have taken it upon themselves to resurrect the RSO that championed Kalamazoo’s involvement in hardcore’s salad days, with the apparent blessing of Violent Apathy and the university itself.

And now the fun part.

Students for Progressive Action, in cooperation with The Peace Center, is hosting a kickoff show on FEBRUARY 15 at 8pm at the Wesley Foundation on Western’s campus.

Scheduled performances by:





With a killer lineup and appearances by members of Violent Apathy, this show promises to be perfectly rad, and a glimpse into a fresh chapter not only for Students for Progressive Action, but our beloved music scene at large.

The gig is, of course, all ages, with a suggested donation of $5.

More information can be found at

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