It’s been an incredible year for Kalamazoo shows and Satellite Records isn’t slowing down at all! Tonight they’re hosting a true once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Show starts at 9pm. We’re asking a suggested minimum $5 donation for the travelling musicians. All ages. No drugs / alcohol. Satellite Records is at 808 S Westnedge (next to Bagel Beanery and 4th Coast)


Peter Walker is an American original, as eclectic and enigmatic as the songs he writes. The legendary seventy-five year old raga/psychedelic/folk acoustic guitarist, and Woodstock resident, was schooled by masters such as Ravi Shankar, and Ali Akbar Khan and his music has been celebrated by the late Jack Rose, James Blackshaw, Steffen Basho-Junghans, Thurston Moore, and Greg Davis, who all contributed original compositions to the 2006 tribute album, “A Raga For Peter Walker”. In the mid-‘60s, while musical director to Timothy Leary’s LSD explorations, Walker released the classic “Rainy Day Raga” LP in 1966, and 1968’s influential “Second Poem to Karmela or Gypsies Are Important”, both on Vanguard Records. Following that, he disappeared from recording for almost forty years, but never stopped practicing, learning, reaching. Now, on the heels of his first select tour in six years in February to celebrate the late 2013 release of his lost studio session from 1970, and his first solo guitar record with vocals, “Has Anybody Seen Our Freedoms?”, on Delmore Recording Society, Walker is thrilled to announce that he will be making a special live appearance at Satellite Records in Kalamazoo, MI tonight!





Mr. Bucko is a gifted and prolific musician. He has recorded material ranging from Free Jazz, Noise Rock, Drone, Psych Folk, Avant-garde, Guitar, Saxophone and more. We’ve been looking forward to seeing him live for quite some time now. Especially after hearing his release on Chicago’s Captcha Records.





Kalamazoo’s best Folk musician. We’re not lying. Axel does it right. Dark and deeply personal songs accompanied by well crafted finger picking. This is the real deal. Not that cheese ball crap you see at far too often these days.



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The Already Dead Family Reunion is only one week away! For me, this is by far the most magical music experience of the year and I’m incredibly excited to share it with all of you! In the next few days, you’ll be seeing posts from several DIT writers about the Family Reunion, what it means to them and what they’re looking forward to this year. Seeing as how I am the one booking the festival, I’m gonna start by sharing my perspective and hopefully encouraging you to join us on September 24th – 28th!

Over the past couple years of booking this annual event, I’ve had a number of people tell me it is best festival they’ve ever been to. I’ve also heard folks say that they’ve never seen this big a lineup without any filler acts or that they’ve never been so consistently blown away by this many new bands. Very high praise and I do not take it lightly!

The Family Reunion is a deeply important experience for me and I take great pains to ensure it is the best event I can possibly put together. I carefully pick bands that are creative, challenging, passionate and inspiring. I’m not concerned with booking artists that have been hyped on Pitchfork or can draw a big crowd. Instead, I want this to be a special experience for all playing and attending. You may not know all the performers ahead of time, but I guarantee that if you have an open mind, you will enjoy every minute of it!

For those not familiar, here is a quick bio on what the ADFR is and what you need to know about this year:

The Already Dead Family Reunion is an annual music festival based around the label Already Dead Tapes & Records which was founded by Josh Tabbia and myself (Sean Hartman) in late 2009. The first Reunion was a one day event in the Fall of 2011. We wanted to put together an event that allowed label bands from across the country to meet and collaborate. We wanted to inspire local creativity by bringing in fresh and forward thinking artists. Most of all, we wanted to build a festival where people attend because of the event’s reputation, not just because their favorite band is playing. Every year it has grown both in scope and attendance. This year includes 36 bands from all over the country playing at 4 different venues over the course of 5 days!

A lot of amazing acts have played the Reunion over the past three years and I wholly believe this year is the best lineup yet!

We’ve got some heavy hitters from previous Reunions -
(About A Million, Grow Fangs, Problems That Fix Themselves, The New Diet, Spelling Bee, U.S. Tribes, Morseville Bridge, AM Stations)

Newer label bands making their Kalamazoo debut -
(Shitstorm, Ant’lrd, Silence Dogood, Yeesh, Miami Dolphins, Watermelon, Kyle Kaos)

Locals bands -
(The Reptilian, Forget The Times, Boring People, Vermillion Father, Boron Nuzzle, Guppy, Anybody But The Cops, Axel Quinlan, Dumbelievers, ARGERN, M. Sord)

Plus fan favorites, label associates and friends in the making – (Child Bite, Cheer-Accident, Cellular Choas, Chris Brokaw, Spanyurd, Regular Fucked Up People, Victoria Blade, Comfort Food, Law$suits)

We’ve even got a special event at the Alamo Drafthouse where a few hand picked musicians will be improvising a live soundtrack to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari!

For more info on what these bands sound like, when and where they’re playing and how you can get tickets, go to
You can also find a Facebook event here:

I’ll leave you now with a few videos of the bands playing. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you next week!

- Sean Hartman


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The Aptly Named ALREADY DEAD FAMILY REUNION 4 – Day One – Milhouse/Satellite 9.24

As someone who has been on the periphery of involvement in Already Dead Tapes & Records, and in the Family Reunion, I have often felt that Family Reunion VS Festival is such a fitting title for the event. If your friends are your family, like so often is the case in my life personally, you may feel similarly. Many of the artists who have played this fest have a vested interest in Kalamazoo – they live here currently, they’ve played here, they’ve ADstickfound meaningful relationships here, and they’ve all been honing their craft for the year to showcase to you, and to the rest of the family/friends/aacquaintancesnewcomers in attendance.

But if you feel like you don’t know anyone on this list (and that might be true, this event focuses on some fairly unknown or under-praised artists) the structure allows for you to not even get to know some art you’ve never heard, but to get to know the people involved. This is what Kalamazoo does best and what keeps people coming here, the open mind about all sorts of music, and the openness to new people from near and far. Come meet the family – chances are it’ll actually be less awkward than an actual Family Reunion.

DAY ONE of ADFR will ease us in with a potluck gathering and (weather permitting) acoustic acts on the Milhouse porch (contact for address)

VICTORIA BLADE (Chicago) will showcase her talents for the first time as a solo artist in Kalamazoo. This former resident

AXEL QUINLAN (Kalamazoo) is an unsung hero of modern folk music, and there’s little chance you wont be taken in by his writing and steadfast presentation.

PLUS SHOW AT SATELLITE (starts at 9:00)

ARGERN (????) I can’t find anything about this artist, you’ll just have to come and see!

FORGET THE TIMES (Kalamazoo) are noise guitar/drums abstract expressionists .

DUMBELIEVERS (Kalamazoo) are highly hyped bizarre guitar

CELLULAR CHAOS (Brooklyn) a project of Weasel Walter of The Flying Leuttenbachers  that plays some of the best freakout jazz punk you’ve never heard or will ever hear.

Find more info about the entire fest at / (1 day passes available as well, but this is the best deal!) or stay tuned for more individual posts on DITK about individual days!

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Thunder from Down Yonder: Deaf Wish, No Bails, The Uncanny @ Louies 9/23

This show is gonna be awesome so I’ll make this quick:

DEAF WISH is a noisy, clangy garage-punk act hailing from the inhabited continent furthest from us: Straya.

NO BAILS is Kalamazoo’s Goner-esque garage-warrior outfit. They’re doing it and doing it for real.

Finally, THE UNCANNY are just that. Freaked-out surf rock that will upset your mother and infuriate your dog.

Show starts at 9pm. Bring some money for merch and 5 bucks is suggested at the door because Australia is a long drive or so I am led to understand.

Plus, if enough people by Deaf Wish records, KURT MIGHT TAKE OF HIS T-SHIRT.

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9/18 – King Median, #timdoesnotexist, Shark Attacks Baby @ Satellite Records


Satellite Records has only been open for about three months, but in that short amount of time, the neighborhood record store has hosted an already countless number of shows.  This Thursday, King Median and #timdoesnotexist make their respective second visits to Satellite Records joined by a new Kalamazoo project entitled Shark Attacks Baby.

King Median is a psychedelic pop/rock outfit comprised of Kalamazoo College students who just finished recording an album with Kalamazoo-based recording studio / music collective Double Phelix.  King Median was very likely the last artist to record at the now deserted Double Phelix recording facility on Kalamazoo Ave.  The band takes influence from classic and modern psychedelic music, citing such influences as Animal Collective and The Beach Boys.

#timdoesnotexist is the singer-songwriter project of a Kalamazoo musician named Tim Tapper.  Tim has been known as a songwriter in Kalamazoo since moving to the area in 2007, playing songs under varying monikers (The Number Eight, Tim Tapper & the Terribles) over the years.  Distinctions from the projects previous are few and far between, but with #timdoesnotexist, elements of comedy and conceptual songwriting that were not previously present are revealed.

Shark Attacks Baby is a new Kalamazoo band.  The world wide web offers no information on this band, but with a name like that, one can only assume they’ll bring an interesting time.

Satellite Records is an all ages, substance-free venue located at 808 S Westnedge Ave.  The show will kick off around 8:30, and there is no cover charge.

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Satellite Records has got an evening astounding entertainment lined up! Ava Luna dropped one of the best records of 2014 and we’re super excited to see them right here in Kalamazoo!

Ava Luna is a band that defies normal genre constraints. The instrumentation is often based in Punk, No Wave and Experimental roots but the vocals are straight Soul Music. They craft their songs so beautifully that any listener can enjoy them for the Pop masterpieces they really are. This is adventurous, passionate music that absolutely must be heard!

Check out these videos and you’ll see exactly what we mean:

Satellite Records is located at 808 S Westnedge Ave
Show starts at 9pm
$5 suggested minimum donation with all money going to the touring bands
All Ages
No alcohol / drugs / jerks
Opening bands include: Celestial Shore, Saxsquatch & Bridge Band 


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The KCAC (Kalamazoo Collective Arts Center) has announced an afternoon event to explain what the hopes and goals of the organization are! More importantly, this meeting KCACtshirt3hopes to collect information from the community about just what exactly you would like out of the arts center itself.

Since acquiring a space and keeping afloat is a big endeavor, the KCAC board is being cautious and thoughtful when it comes to the creation of this endeavor. That’s why it’s vital to get community input, so that the efforts will go to what people really hope to get out of a local art/community center.

If you have absolutely any thoughts on the matter, come to 511 w Vine (the Vine Neighborhood Association) between 2-4 to ask any questions and to verbalize/write down your perspective. The KCAC hopes to have more open to the public meetings such as this, so help start this off on a good note!

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